Services to offer before mowing season starts.

If you find yourself caught between winter and spring services yet still need to make money, here are some ideas that were shared on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that should help you get through until mowing season starts.

One lawn care business owner found himself in a financial pinch and wrote “does anyone have any good ideas on services I can do or promote now? The snowplowing is ending soon, maybe 2 more storms, then spring. I need to generate some money now though. Any flyer templates for spring promotions would probably be a great help.

I am almost at the point where I am going to lose my landscaping business and have to work for the MAN! I got bills that need to be paid. I have almost 30 lawn care accounts, and everything is fine when there’s snow to plow and grass to cut but in between, the work is scarce.”

What kind of other services are you capable of offering? Can you do minor home improvement projects that people may need done? Possibly consider using this winter lawn clean up flyer. One of things that is great about offering additional services is that it opens the doors to new potential customers who might not have thought to contact you for lawn care.

Offering a few home repair services when times are slow gets your foot in the door to offer other services later.

Winter Lawn Clean Up Flyer

Winter Lawn Clean Up Flyer

More ideas:

“There is so much you can do right now while it is beginning to warm up. We just got a call for a waterfall to be put in. And then someone wants us to clean up rocks and put in clean black dirt before it gets nicer so that the wife can plant flowers. My areas had a couple storms and there are a lot of trees that need cut or trimmed and leaves need to be picked up. Just a few ideas that we promote.”

“Here are a few suggestions I based on looking at your website:

I see you do apartment clean outs. This brings two things to mind, a flyer offering organizing a homeowners garage. I know even mine gets to be a mess over the winter. Why not consider offering to install some shelving, tidy things up etc. I would also create a letter to banks offering this service should they happen to have homes they own due to foreclosure. When I used to work in banking, I can’t tell you how many crews we hired to go in and do work/repairs/clean out and clean up due to foreclosure.

Why not offer gutter cleaning? That is a service which could be started right now. I have had a few customers ask for this service already.

In can be tough getting through the slow season as there does not appear to be much work and people are hanging onto their $$$ however there are still a lot in need of things done. If you just ask, you may joggle their mind a bit and show them all the additional services you can perform.”

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