Run for president and gain media attention on yourself and your business.

In the past we talked a little about this idea.

If you put up lawn signs along the road and they are for your lawn care business, they will get pulled. But what if you were running for president? Your lawn signs would stay up and the local media would want to know all about what you are doing.

Wouldn’t this be a great way to get noticed in your area?

Is it crazy? Yes it is. Crazy enough to get you attention.

Why not do this.

  • Register a domain
  • Have that domain forwarded to a subfolder of your lawn care business
    This will then allow you to get the people visiting your political website to then be forwarded to your business website where you would have a separate page for your political campaign.
  • Create political signs with your picture on it.
  • Create some kind of platform you are running for.
  • The more quasi-serious you keep it, the better the chance it will get picked up by your local media.
  • Ask people to write you in on the ballot.
  • Create door hangers and flyers for this. Hand them out.
  • Meet people in your area.
  • When the election is over, everyone will still be talking about you.
  • Create a video of you talking about your platform and upload it to youtube.
  • Get all your friends involved.
  • Have them put signs on their car doors and trunks.
  • Your political party could be the grass roots party.

lawn care sign

I really think this idea could bring you a lot of attention. Our friend Bob from jumped in and made this great offer to anyone interested in trying out this marketing idea.

Bob: “If someone out there would like to try this idea. I would be willing to design the cards for FREE and give you 15% OFF the printing.

I did a sample card below, with the “Green” theme that a lot of companies are using these days. Personally I think most of these companies are using the term only to capitalize from it and mostly it’s somewhat of a scam (for example, a bank in my area now offers “Green Checking” there is nothing environmental about it, its just called “Green.” I called the bank and actually asked… but I digress). We in the lawn care industry can use this “go green” movement to our advantage… We “Go Green” everyday!!

Anyway, if you are interested, the first person who actually tries this, and want postcards let me know, I’ll give you a price break.

Or door hangers if you prefer.”

lawn care postcard

Also Tony from posted this great offer as well.

Tony: “Anyone that wants to do this and would like yard signs…

first 3 people to order will get 20% off your order (after that everyone will get 10% off).

These are 18×24 inch coroplast yard signs, full color.
Must be ordered in 10’s (ie: 10 20 30) due to how we make them.
They can be one side or two.

Average turn around time is 48-72 hours (orders over 500 yard signs may take longer).”

So everyone please consider this idea and take advantage of these special offers. I think this could really help boost public awareness about you and your lawn care business. If you would like to take advantage of these offers or you have more ideas on this topic you would like to share with everyone, visit the post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

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