Rick’s lawn care business trimmer line spool holder.

I am always amazed at the ingenuity I see on the Gopher Lawn Care Forum. Today was no exception. One of our forum members, artist and designer Rick, had created this fantastic trimmer line spool holder so he can respool his trimmer line from his trailer.

Rick said “It’s not a looker but it works and locks. I made it with parts off an old Toro rider. I’m gonna mount it on my trailer just not sure about drilling holes in the rail…I might pick up some clamps.”

What a fantastic and creative design! Who knows, maybe one day we will see Rick selling more of his creations on the Gopher Lawn Care Forum as well. I hope that maybe his design inspires you to be creative and experiment. This new trimmer spool holder will certainly save him time during his day as it would make your day more efficient too!

Join in on this discussion in our Lawn Care Forum here.

Thanks Rick!

lawn care trailer trimmer line spool holder

line trimmer spool holder

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