Return on investment for yard signs?

We’d all love to know what kind of return on investment we could get before we actually spend money on any specific marketing method. As I am sure you are aware, there are plenty of different advertising methods you can use that may never result in a single sale. There are some that will work amazingly. But what about using lawn signs to attract new lawn care customers? How do they work? Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that shares some insight as to what one entrepreneur experienced.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I drive around my area and at times I see all sorts of lawn signs promoting everything and anything. Some signs offer to buy ugly houses, others promote upcoming events, some promote local mowing services and that got me wondering. What kind of response should I expect from using lawn signs? How many should I put out? Is it at all worthwhile?”

A second lawn care business owner said “it just so happens that I got my order of 100 lawn signs last week. I put them up that Friday night so I could get a full weekend of advertisement as code enforcement doesn’t work on the weekends. If you put the signs up around town during the week, they will just take them down that day. They may not get all of them but they will get a lot.

Return on investment using yard signs.

Return on investment using yard signs.

I put them at my customer’s homes and at busy intersections. If you are putting them on telephone poles at busy intersections you should use then fender washers as they will help prevent you from losing the signs in the wind. I found they don’t tear or break away as easily with them. Also, using a ladder and putting the signs up a little higher on a telephone pole will help prevent code enforcement from reaching them and buy you some more time.

Results from the past four days of putting up about 70 lawn signs on Friday night.

  • The majority lasted about four days total.
  • About 50 or so were taken by code enforcement.
  • I got a total of three/four jobs so far
  • I was called for nine estimates.

Here are the jobs I got from the lawn signs:

  • A 3 acre field mowing for fire prevention.
  • A bi-weekly mowing job that I am charging extra for a first time clean up as it has lots of weeds.
  • A weekly mowing service, along with pooper scooping because the home owner has 3 dogs. I charged extra for first time clean up as there were a lot of over grown weeds on a slope.
  • Another weekly mowing service with no additional charge for first time clean up as the yard was very well maintained.

So do I feel like using lawn signs was worthwhile? Yes. I most definitely got all my money back plus. I’m going to post the last 30 lawn signs this next Friday night.

With this return rate I plan on posting yard signs at least every 30 days or so. I am very pleased with the out come!”

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