Results from last year’s lawn care marketing efforts.

You simply will never know for sure what will work and what won’t until you experiment. Changing certain variables and testing is the only way to narrow down what lawn care marketing methods work for you and what ones don’t. The second best thing after doing your own experimenting, is to learn what has and hasn’t worked for others. Here is a great marketing experimentation report a member shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

He wrote “based on my experience last year which was door to door flyers in a mailbox with no interaction with my clients prior to them calling me, I achieved the following results:

  • Passed out 22 flyers on 04/09, 7 hired me. by the end of April.

I had 4 clients not included in those numbers from my parents, grandmother, mother in law, and a neighbor.

The total as of May was 11 clients with total of 22 flyers passed out.

I gained 4 clients between August to September from the existing clients. Either they were neighbors or they saw me in the neighborhood.

On September 9th I passed out 56 flyers in a neighborhood about a mile away. About 2 weeks later I received calls and gained 8 more clients.

My roster of clients was increased to 23.

In October I posted an ad on my facebook wall and within 3 days, I had 1 new client signed up. It was someone I went to high school with and he is signed for this year.

A grand total of 24 clients however, 5 I lost. 1 moved, 1 failed to pay me in a timely manner and I dropped them and 1 bought their own mower and 2 were a one time service.

So by the close of the year. I was sitting with 19 clients. End result 24 total clients gained by passing out 78 flyers.

  • 19 out of 24 of them were flyers from.
  • 4 referred from friends/saw me in neighborhood
  • 1 internet from the internet

overall 24 gained from 78 flyers is not bad.

So far this year I have posted advertisements on facebook, craigslist, and on google itself. If you search for lawn care in my zip code, my name comes up on position number 5. I am holding out until end of February to start passing out door to door flyers again. I have surveyed several neighborhoods within 20 miles of my home to figure out where I will market next. I have around a total of 2,500 flyers to pass out this year. That is if I get enough money to pass them out. To be safe I would like to get 5,000 flyers but I am not sure if I will have the money or time to get all those out.

My goals for this year are as follows:

Purchase a small trailer for my car and a hitch. I definitely need that. A 32″ walk behind mower with a sulky cause. 70% of my client base have gated backyards and nothing wider then 40 inches is getting through.

My current equipment is a weed eater, a 22 inch push mulching mower, gas trimmer, gas hand held blower, 200 foot of electric cord for my hedge trimmer, 22 inch wide gas powered snow blower and that’s it. I was given another mower exactly identical to my current one, but it’s not worth crap other than parts. It has a bent blade, bent shaft. It would cost more to fix then replace. So I am taking the wheels and any other part off it to use as backup for my mower. I replaced the spark plug, air filters, etc. all the things recommended for a typical mower tune up.

My biggest issue is earning enough money to pay for all of this. With my current roster and any additional clients I hope to add, I should be able to have most of this by June of this year.

Well anyway, I hope this gives newer startup business owners an understanding of what my realities have been last year and this year so far.”

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