Reaching out to old friends can make new lawn care customers.

When it comes to marketing Realtors really know how to work their social networks. I have received many letters from old friends I hadn’t seen in a while that reach out to me and tell me what they are up to. Some will tell me they have become realtors and send out letters and magnetic business cards and ask me to contact them for any of my real estate needs. Some send out holiday cards to keep me updated on their newest business endeavors. One time is fine but annually is a great way to stay within my radar range. This marketing method can also be done by you. Let’s check out one discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how one entrepreneur harnessed his social network to gain more jobs.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I had a funny thing happen this past Monday. Years ago when I was working at my full time job then, I had a very good client who was a property manager. He is probably the largest in my area by now. A super guy and super rich. Anyhow, I happen to bump into him while I was out around town and we get to talking for a while. He asks what I am doing with myself now and I get a chance to tell him all about my lawn care company. From there, he invites me over to his office some time during the upcoming week.

I get to his office and we have a coffee and chat. He built a private community three years ago, it has seven homes, all $1 million plus on the ocean. They are in a gated community and he says there is 350,000 sq ft of grass to be mowed and they are not happy with their current lawn care provider. The quality just isn’t there he says. Clumps of grass clippings are left on the lawn after each mowing and no edging is done. The trimming leaves a lot to be desired. Spring and fall clean ups leave the owners doing more additional work etc.

I ask who the company is and he replies. I never bring this company name up again. We just talk about their expectations and what they are paying ($2,850 month)

I think I can live with this rate although I have to see the properties on the weekend and then write out a quote. One thing that bothers my friend the most is that two homeowners do not fertilize or spend any time on the grass and gardens while the others either do or hire someone, so he wants an all in one price. Fertilizer, mulch, spring, and fall clean up. I will quote weeding and tree/bush trimming by the hour.

I was thinking yesterday driving home from a job I should make a list of all the people I have done business with or know over the years including lawyers, accounting firms, and others. Over the winter months, I should make personal contact with at least 50 of them to let them know what I am doing and see if there are other opportunities with things they may be doing. Why I haven’t thought about this before, I don’t know. But I’d suggest to anyone else looking to grow, it is very important that you reach out to your social network. Even if it’s people you haven’t seen in years. Such renewed contacts can make you a lot more money.”

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