Put the benefit at the top of your lawn care flyer.

Sometimes it can’t take just a little tweaking of your advertisement to really improve response rates. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One entrepreneur was having no luck with his ads that basically consisted of his contact information when another business owner gave him some advice which he said had really helped him grow.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have been wondering if I should stop my paid advertising this time of year. I have not gotten even a bite for months so I am thinking of saving my $30 per month and sticking with the free ads on sites like craigslist until the season comes back around.

Here is my current advertisement:


Providing nearly all aspects of yard maintenance.

(888) 555-3201

At first I thought I wasn’t getting any bites because it was miscategorized so I swapped it to another category in the newspaper but still no bites though. Does anyone have any suggestions? By the way my ad is the only one in the ‘Experts at your service - Lawn Care’ category. It seems pretty good to me to be the only ad in there.

I offer additional services but don’t push them. I do advertise on some search engines but that hasn’t done much for me either. It costs me a ton of money every month, over $100 and still nothing. Last Saturday I sent my employee around to go door to door with fliers but have yet to get one phone call.

What would you recommend I do? I really charge as little as I can now so giving any discounts would suck. Maybe I can put something like ‘New low prices for the new year.’ I really don’t want to lower my prices further but maybe saying that I am offering new prices, even though they are my same ones may get new customer to think they are getting a deal. Do you think that’s to dishonest or would that be something to try?

Any suggestions?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “if you haven’t received a bite in months, maybe your advertising is poorly placed or poorly worded. Use the next couple months to experiment with it and tweak your advertising.

$30/month isn’t too much to be spending. One gained customer will pay for your entire winter’s campaign.

Your ad does seem like it’s basically just your contact information though. If it were me, I would lead off the ad with a benefit and then show your contact information at the bottom.


Receive 10% Off Fall Clean Up

When you mention this add by March 1 (or however long you want to run the ad)
Your company name
Phone number

I’ve never kept track of exact numbers, but I’ve gotten a lot more response when I put a benefit at the top and contact information at the bottom. A few years ago when I first passed out flyers I did the basic company name, contact info, and list of services. I received very little response. I took a look at some of the other flyers on the doors and noticed that every other company was doing the same thing (company name, contact info, and list of services). I then realized that people need a better reason than contact information to call you rather than the other guy. If someone wants to see just contact information and services they’ll just look in the phone book.”

A third shared “I don’t know if people are necessarily looking for the lowest price per say. I think the bigger issue is that they find someone reliable and friendly. Most landscapers who find a lot of success, tend to make it happen with their networking. By talking to people. Being onsite and having others take notice enough to stop and talk.

All other forms of advertising seems to be secondary to person to person networking.

The services being offered can play a large role as well. I have seen many landscapers offer organic fertilization and find a niche that really opened up for them.

Each of these factors need to played with. Without a doubt you need to change the message you are sending out to others. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.”

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Put the benefit at the top of your lawn care flyer. GopherHaul 75 Lawn Care Business Forum Show.

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