Promoting your lawn care business through local schools.

I am so impressed with the creative marketing ideas that come through the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One of our friends shared with us his idea to market his lawn care business through local schools and teach kids some useful information along the way.

He posted a letter he is planning on sending to the local school principles and I am going to include it here along with my view on what else you could do.

Lawn Care Business Marketing in Schools

Lawn Care Business Marketing in Schools

Scott: ” I’m emailing principles of schools in the area of work. I hope it works.

Dear Mr/Mrs ______ of ______ School

I am the owner of Scott’s Lawn Service.

I came up with a fun & creative project that all students can take part in.

My plan if possible would be to explain to the students about the complexities of starting their own business.

The Plan (is it possible? is it needed?)
The Budget (when can i start?)
The Requirements (what is needed)
Marketing (who/what/when/where/why)
Competition (how to lead, how to gain without lowering your service costs, etc)

After the above, I would ask of them to take a Scott’s Lawn Service flyer & business card home with them.

If the household owners of the students are interested in hiring Scott’s Lawn Service, each student will gain $20.00 for their support, & the homeroom class of the students will receive the required amount of Dominoes Pizza.

I would encourage students to work hard & focus while in class, letting them know & to understand the importance of putting in the hard work while the opportunity is given to them. I would explain the possible outcome of people who have refused to take school seriously, & how they are currently struggling.

I would love to explain to the students the difference of having a job vs having a career, & the cost of living.

I believe most students don’t know about the frightening truth of what their life will become once they are on their own, without someone to take care of them. I also believe once the students get an idea, it will give them a goal to achieve.

Thank you for your time,

Now I thought this was a fantastic idea which you could take in many different ways. I am thinking you might get a better response if you don’t make it too commercial. I love everything commercial, but with schools and kids, they may be a little picky on this. I would probably take out the section about the business flyer and the pizza.

Instead of saying that, you could do other things. Like maybe come up with a coloring book sheet that allowed the students to color in a mower or maybe an outline of what you talked about.

You could also hand out promotional magnets or tshirts or stuff kids would like. Maybe the magnets could promote mower safety and list 5 safety points and at the bottom it could have your business name and number. The magnets could be handed out at the end of the seminar to let the kids hang their coloring page up on their refrigerator.

You could also talk about outdoor power equipment safety and give a hand out on the dangers of the equipment.
I set up a coloring page you could hand out to the kids and get them into the activity of coloring in the page as well as writing what safety equipment should be worn while mowing a lawn. You can download the full version of the lawn care business flyer in our free flyer section on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

Lawn Mower Safety

Lawn Mower Safety

Experiment with this topic and see what you can come up with. If you end up offering this seminar, let us know how it worked out. Make sure if you do this to take pictures and send them to your local newspaper to get even more publicity.

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