Promoting a new landscape with a party.

How often have you created a new landscape project or hardscape project and thoughts to yourself, ‘if only the neighbors could see this place, they’d all want me to do this for them.’ This thought may come up especially as the scale of the project increases as well as the amount of profits.

There are plenty of times when you will be working on a landscape project that simply won’t be seen by anyone else beyond the home owner, so you aren’t going to get as much marketing buzz out of it as if you might get from a well mowed front lawn. So what should you do?

This is a question that came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. A lawn care business owner wrote “I have just started to work on a retaining wall, driveway and interlock brick patio that will lead to a customer’s back door. So far I have the back door steps done at a material cost of $2,178.00. The driveway is I am estimating will cost $4,600.00 in materials and I am curious as to how I can use this job to get more landscape work? This job is going to take an estimated 60 man hrs to do and when it is done, I’d really like to show it off.”

What if, after you install the new hardscape, you offer to throw a “Garden Party.” Or something to that effect. What this would include is you would get some soda, beer, hamburgers and hotdogs on a weekend and maybe bring a grill to cook for a group of neighbors to show off the new hardscape job you completed.

You could ask the homeowner if you could send out flyers to the neighbors. Maybe make these not just flyers but fancy invitations. Have it say “I just had a new hardscape and garden created in my yard and I would love to show it off to you. Stop by Saturday 12pm - 3pm and check it out. I will be providing bbq food and drinks!

This could give you a great chance to meet the customer’s neighbors and show them some pictures in a photo album of the project as it progressed. Maybe you could give out some company tshirts or hats. You could also include in your invitation a business card and maybe a discount for hardscape. Maybe you could have some wording that says ‘The project was completed by Joe’s Landscaping. I was lucky enough to get some discount cards from them to send to you as well if you are looking for some landscaping done on your property.’

Maybe also you could include a magnetic business card that shows a picture of the hardscape along with a date for the party. In the picture of course would be your landscaping business sign, a little out of the way but easily readable.

If this seems like it is too much of a sales gimmick and you feel it might turn neighbors off, you could hold off on the discount and business cards until after the party. During the party you could still meet the neighbors. Talk with them and shake their hand and then days later you could send them a mailing that includes some pictures of the hardscape project that was completed along with a discount card if they sign up by a certain date.

There is nothing like showing off a new landscape to get the neighbors feeling they need to do something in order to keep up with the Joneses.

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