Promote your lawn care business at a bank fair.

There are plenty of opportunities around your town to promote yourself. One lawn care business owner was interested in hearing some feedback about taking part in a local business fair, held at his bank. Do any of the banks in your area do this? If so, find out how you can take part in it. If not, why not talk to the bank manager and see if something like this can be put together. He wrote to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about his opportunity.

“I was asked to take part in a business fair at my local bank. I think this could be a good opportunity to get the word out about my lawn care business. This local bank has invited me to set up a table at there bank on a Friday. It’s there busiest day of the week. They said we could set up a table, a banner, pass out cards, flyers, have a giveaway, basically whatever we want. They are only inviting one company from each industry to be a part of it. It will be from 9am till 6pm on a Friday at the bank.

The best part about this is that it’s free. They handle on average between 400 & 600 people on Fridays. I am going to get to work on some kind of pamphlet today, and maybe we will give drinks or something like that away also. I might have people sign-up for a drawing to win a month’s worth of lawn care to get the lead information. I am so pumped about it. I need all thoughts on this type and what type of marketing should I be using? ”

A second lawn care business owner wrote “DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. That could be a great opportunity. Your appearance from the customer’s perspective will be that you are endorsed by the bank! Think about it. If you walked into your bank and there was a table set up for say a painter, professional looking, polite, and informational, you’d think ‘well he must be pretty damn good…. I don’t think the bank would let just anyone in here to do this right?’

I would suggest having some nice pamphlets done up maybe with some free lawn care tips in it. Also include literature about your company in it. Maybe use some of the information from your website?
Staple your cards to the pamphlets.Since you know how many clients you bank sees on a typically Friday,¬† make sure you have a good supply or marketing material to pass out to all of them. Not everyone will take something, but it could be a huge thing for you. It’s free so you can’t beat that!

You may also want to use one of the free lawn care flyers from this site like this one.

7 steps lawn care flyer

7 steps lawn care flyer

Or maybe even print out some of these grass seed packets and fill them with grass seed to hand out to customers. You could staple these seed packets to your flyer, pamphlets or brochures. It’s just one more thing to make an impression on a person and get them to think of you later and call you back.

Graass seed envelope for lawn care marketing.

Graass seed envelope for lawn care marketing.

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