Pro tips to minimize time spent edging lawns.

When you take a moment to reflect on where you spend your time while servicing a lawn care customers you may find there are a lot of extra steps you are adding that are not necessary. If you find a way to optimize the time spent at each location the net result will be more profits for you. Edging a lawn is one of those services that can be a large time waster depending on the way it is performed.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum asked about this when he wrote “when we edge, a lot of dirt is thrown onto the sidewalk or driveway. We don’t like blowing everything into the street so we normally blow it into one area and sweep/bag it. This is costing a lot of time. We are considering a vacuum but don’t know if it can be used on dirt. If it can be used on dirt, does anyone recommend a certain model? Hope someone can give me some advice.”

One lawn care business owner suggested “try raising the wheel on your edger and try not to plunge the blade so deep into the soil. You only need the blade to just touch the dirt as it’s spinning. As a result you will also find that you can no longer use the concrete as a guide but this takes no time to get used to. Also you will find that your edger blades will last you a little longer than you were previously used to.”

Another shared “I often kick up dirt when I edge, although I use a string trimmer, so it’s probably not nearly as much. I blow everything back onto the lawn, unless it is along the street curb, then I blow it up against the curb so that some of it flies over and the rest just sits there. Usually, there are cars parked on most streets though, so I ignore the stuff that goes onto the road.”

These quick tips can make a big difference when applied to multiple lawn care customers through out your day. Experiment with different ways of doing things and see which give you the best result in the least amount of time.

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