Pricing lawn care services for duplexes.

New lawn care business owners come up with a lot of creative methods for pricing lawn care, but the problem is, a lot of these methods used are just not profitable. Take for instance this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In it, one entrepreneur talks about how he is interested in signing up two renters of a duplex by charging each of them half the total full price. But if one cancels, he will quickly find himself losing money with the remaining customer.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I handed out about half my lawn care flyers this week and have gotten 2 calls in one day. One of them lives in a duplex house which got me wondering, how should I price mowing a duplex? I am thinking of charging half price for each side. So if one needed lawn mowing he only pays for half if I can get them both to sign up.

The thing is, each price is already really low. If I split it in half, the yards are so small I’ll get them done in 10 minutes with a 21″ mower. So then I was wondering if I should raise my price to a standard price for each side? Even at half price for each side, I am making a profit off of them.”

A second lawn care business owner said “you need to have a minimum charge just to show up and then an additional fee tacked onto it, depending on the size of the lawn to perform the work. So if you were there to only cut a half of the yard, the price should be more than just half price because you still need to cover that minimum charge plus the time for the size of the lawn. If you start splitting fees like this on already low pricing, you are not going to be making any money.”

A third added “with duplexes I would charge based on total square foot of the lawn. Use the lawn care business calculators on here to figure it out. Most town homes I mow around here are in the range of $20 to $30.”

A fourth said “you need to charge by the square footage, but you can offer to split the stop charge if the neighbor signs up for same day service. You don’t have to do it this way though. Sure it would make your price more competitive but ideally, you want to maximize your profits and charging each property as if they were separate stand alone units will help you do that.”

A fifth said “I would just charge each lawn per each like it was a single lawn. With a minimum of $30 each. They don’t get a discount in their rent for living side by side why should they get a discount for mowing side by side?

Look at it like this, if two people have houses with adjacent lawns would you give them both discounts?”

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