Positive press is good for your lawn care business.

Positive press can have a tremendous influence on how the public perceives you and your business. When people in your community hold you in high regard, they will want to hire you or purchase products from you. They will also pay a premium to do business with you because of the high level of goodwill you have within your community.

How can you get positive press?

I have two stories for you. The first involves an elderly woman who lived alone and lost her home to a fire. In the local paper, on the front page was this sad story of how a local senior citizen lost her home to a fire. It included a picture with smoke billowing from the old house. When the reporter asked her how she felt about all she had been through, the woman said what she was most upset about was that she lost her wedding ring in the fire.

lawn care in the press

The next day, a local jeweler was reading the article and he jumped on the opportunity to help out. He contacted the paper and said he wanted to help make things right by offering this woman a new ring he would create and present her for free. WOW did this make the news and this jeweler looked like a superstar. With a front page article on him the next week presenting the woman with a new wedding ring, he could not have paid to get such great attention.

Another great story was told to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum by our friend Chuck. In his post he said “When my father was a lawn care business owner he saw a news show on another lawn care company company who screwed a 90 year old lady. They took a 50% deposit & never landscaped her house. It was on all over the news. My father thought this was awful & that it spoke badly of all landscapers in the eyes of the public. He contacted the old lady, met with her & arranged to do the job for her for free, he was just going to pay for all the materials out of his pocket & install them. He didn’t intend on getting media attention but the old lady called the news station back & told them how this nice man Chuck was going to complete the job for her for free. They ran another piece on the local evening news, with that several nurseries contacted the news station & offered to supply the materials for free, that Chuck shouldn’t have to do it all out of his own pocket. They press did another story & interviewed my father while he was on the job & took a few shots of it after completion. My father got calls from people impressed with his generosity & wanting him to work for them for YEARS!

So think about this the next time you see something that you feel isn’t right and you can make a difference.

Make a section on your lawn care business website and include all the press you have received and make it a mission to do good deeds. Collect future news on you and share it with visitors who come to your site. Use it in your other marketing material as well.

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