Planning your spring lawn care door hanger marketing.

There have been many new lawn care business owners who spent quite a bit of money and quite a bit of time printing and handing out their lawn care door hangers only to be disappointed with the results. Why? Because they didn’t know which variables to tweak. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we will see what lawn care business veterans suggest when it comes to creating your own spring lawn care marketing plan.

One lawn care business owner wrote “my brother and I have been in the lawn care business for about 5 years now. We have 4 employees that work part time for us. Last year we decided to incorporate and now we have 110 lawns. This spring we are really looking to take our lawn care business to the next step! Our goal is to distribute 20K lawn care door hangers this year and get 200 more lawns!

So with that in mind, I’m getting my lawn care door hanger marketing plan ready for this spring and I’m trying to decide when the best time to distibute the door hangers is. I live in a southern state and last year I handed some door hangers out in early March but we had some unexcepted cold weather that extended winter and I think it cut back on our response rate.

This year I am thinking I should hand them out later but I don’t want to take them out so late that the other lawn care company’s beat me to the punch. So I am still unsure of when they would receive the best response rate.

Also, I don’t know how many door hangers I should be able to hand out in one hour. I am thinking about hiring a crew this year to hand out the lawn care door hangers and I am trying to figure out how much to pay them per house and how many I can expect them to get out in one hour.

Last year I payed a few of my friends $10/hr to distribute the hangers. We took out 2,500 the first week in March, but the cold weather continued for another month so I felt like we did it too early. Then we took out another batch in June but I feel like that was too late. We still had some success, but I’m really looking to maximize our advertising success this year. We didn’t knock on any doors, but we talked to people if they were outside.

We also didn’t leave mowing estimates unless we had a chance to talk to the home owner in person. To try something different, I am really thinking about putting estimates on our door hangers this year, but I’m not sure if that would hurt us since another lawn care company may just come after us and write on their door hanger that they will do it for 5-10 bucks cheaper. Since my overhead is low I am able to mow lawns for cheaper than many other people, but I’m still debating leaving the estimate on the hanger.

What do you think? Do most lawn care business owners get a better response if they put an estimate on the hanger instead of saying call for free estimates?”

A second lawn care business owner shared “first off you should try to distribute your door hangers multiple times this upcoming year. Don’t be afraid to do it up to six times, by handing them out once a month. This should dramatically improve your response rates while limiting the problems you ran into last year with such things as extended winters. Also, don’t be afraid to knock on doors and talk to home owners. This is another important step to increasing your response rate. Point out issues on the homeowner’s property and tell them how you can solve the problem for them. Walk their yard and then only after you talk to them, write down an estimate and ask them when you can get started.

If you only plan to distribute your lawn care door hangers once, wait until the local big box stores begin advertising spring products. By then people are thinking about spring. I myself plan on starting my lawn care marketing the first week or two of march and go on through the first half of April.

I think one person should be able to hand out about 150 to 180 lawn care door hangers in an hour. For me it takes an average of around 3 houses a minute. But this is dependent on your area. How close or far apart the homes are will make a huge difference in your time. If you are unsure, time yourself handing them out and you can figure an average per hour. Then you will have something to compare the figures to when you hire others to do it as well.

As far as putting a lawn care estimate price on your door hanger and leaving it without any sales pitch, I wouldn’t recommend it. When you do that, you are not utilizing your sales skills and it’s those skills that will get you higher paying jobs. You want to sell quality and not quantity. When you promote price, you are trying to sell your price as being the most attractive benefit when you really want to be selling a fine quality lawn service.”

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