Park bench lawn care marketing idea.

There are an infinite number of ways to get your lawn care marketing message out to potential lawn care customers and the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum is chock full of them. When you are considering implementing a new marketing idea you have to make sure the message you are getting your message out to the proper demographic group. For lawn care, a good group is a homeowner with disposable income that wants their weekends free to relax. What better place to find such potential customers than at a golf course! That is exactly what a this business owner did.

He wrote “I came up with a marketing idea last weekend while playing golf. I was sitting on the bench at Hole 9 and was thinking how crappy the bench was. I thought to myself, if I built a bench for the golf couse holes, the club owner would probably love it. He’d be getting new benches Free and I could get my marketing message out!

So after playing I talked to the club owner and told him that I would make two new benches for him on hole 1 and 10 as long as I could put my advertising on the back. He said yes and asked if I would do all the holes. I told him that I would get people for the other holes.

I looked around and found the parts to put the benches together. It cost me $160 for each bench and the best part was the club owner actually gave me $200 back because he just loves his new benches. That only cost me $120 for both benches and they stay there for as long as I want. I am sure they could be made for even cheaper if you are handy with wood.

I put the bench next to the hole yardage and put my outdoor business card holders on the pole next to the bench. People look at the ad and take a card.

But my story is not done yet! Now that I was invigorated from my success, I talked to the local gas station owners that I deal with and they all said it would be okay to put my bench outside around the stores. There is always great spots next to the air or vacuum machines.

It’s free advertising for me and all I have to do is build the bench!”

Lawn care marketing on a park bench

Lawn care marketing on a park bench

Can you tell us a little about the specifics of the bench? What did you do to actually construct it and get your message on it?

“My friend owns a fence company, so I used vinyl fence for the back and seat of the bench. Then I had a full color sticker printed to put on the back.”

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