Organic lawn care services leads to big profits.

Experimenting with different services can really help you find one that you enjoy performing and provides you with the best return on your money. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum we get some insight into the workings of one entrepreneur who found success with focusing on offering organic lawn care applications. If you are looking for more ways to boost your profit  potential, you may want to consider following in his footsteps.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I tend to think outside the box. There is so much to offer a customer who owns a home that directly ties to this business it isn’t funny.

Personally I knew we would do well as I buck trends and find a way to make a company work pushing it in various directions. Doing this makes running the company a lot of fun. Yes it has trials and headaches and I am going through one now as I am at a point where I am a business manager rather than sitting on one of the machines with the guys. I have to give this some thought and make changes as I am not sitting behind a desk again.

My long term plan is to set up a franchise, equip the guys/gals who want into this business to make them a success financially and otherwise. It’s going to take another year or two and I want to stay under the radar of the big guys for now.

There are tremendous profit in spraying organics, hardly any training involved, equipment costs are cheap compared to mowing, and the demand for organic products here is through the roof. I am in part generating that demand by educating the customer on the benefits and it sells itself.

What we are experiencing now is neighbors of clients wondering what the heck we did to the lawn as in many cases it looks like a golf course and that is only after four weeks of care. The phone has been ringing all day for my mosquito spraying services too. Thankfully it’s a bad weather day here today so I did 14 quotes. The markup is close to 500% and no one offers this service in my area. I am hitting day care’s and wedding companies. If someone wants an out door wedding, we can spray 5 hours prior and there will be no mosquito or black flies to disturb their event.

Within a week of giving those quotes, I have conformation on 12 of the 14 jobs I estimated. That is almost seven grand in work! This pushes us into mid June for almost half the mosquito spraying, the other is spraying organic fertilizer.

I quoted one job today, 11,000 square feet, Organic Mosquito spray. My cost is $18.00 for the product. It will take about 20 min to spray, travel time, and employee cost say another $30.00. I quoted $184.00 and the lady thought it was a great deal and wants us back every four weeks!

This is the key and a change I recently made, follow up spraying. I offer a 15% discount if you sign up for four sprays over the summer and everyone is taking it. I am shocked as the follow up sprays are only fertilizer which means my profit on follow up sprays is higher than the initial, plus it gives me time to make the lawn look top drawer. Initial spray is five organic products mixed together.

I can’t believe or understand why more lawn care companies aren’t going after this. It is honestly shocking what you can make. I could run this company on spraying alone and have a very healthy income.”

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