Online lawn mower sales scams. Be aware!

Have you ever looked on craigslist and searched for some used outdoor power equipment? There are plenty of items to choose from. Just make sure when you do choose one, you can inspect the item before you buy it. One of our Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum members almost got caught up in a scam that he was kind enough to share the details with us. Don’t let this happen to you!

Online Lawn Mower Scams

Online Lawn Mower Scams

Scott wrote us “Just wanted to update you all on the mower I was considering buying online. It turns out the guy I was dealing with was trying to pull a scam. This mower was found on Craigslist San Antonio.

He had sent me pictures, model numbers and a storage company that was suppose to be storing the mower for him, Said he had to move to the UK and had left the mower with a secured moving company called SafeTransports in Amarillo Texas which is over 600 miles from Houston.

He advertised the mower being in San Antonio. He said SafeTransport would deliver the mower to me and give me 7 days to have it checked out before they would release the funds to him. He even was willing to pay shipping free and free pick up if I decided not to buy the mower. All I had to do was send a Money Gram to a guy at SafeTransports in the UK. Yeah Right!!!

None of this was mentioned when I first contacted him and before I posted this message.

I am a retired police officer and this brought up a lot of red flags so I asked for the serial number. Told him the bank needed it for the loan. He stalled by sending me the model number but later sent me a serial number.

I called Exmark and they told me it was a 2001 model and not a 2007 model. Exmark provided me with the previous owner, US Lawns out of Wisconsin. I called them and they told me they had traded in a bunch mowers last year and all had over 1500 hours on them. None were 2007 models.

I contacted the selller with the information I had obtained and guess what? He quit responding to my email. Email has even been turned off.

So buyer beware when dealing with used mowers. Never buy site unseen and make sure you are dealing with the owner in person. Call the manufacturer and check on the equipment. they will help you determine the original buyer and any service on the mower they have on file.

I ended up buying a new Scag.”

This is great information and I really appreciate Scott giving us all a heads up about these online scams.

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