Offering tree climbing helps sell more services.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you can pretty much expect to get the same results. If you experiment though with the services you offer and try different things, you can potentially hit on a service that is needed in your area and can make you quite a bit of profit. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we see how one landscaper charges $350 to $500 an hour for tree removal services.

He wrote “average lawn care companies can not take on jobs like these without the proper training and that is why I love to offer such services.

A lot of business owners ask, how can I make the big money? Well you have to find a niche and make sure you are trained to do it. Once you are, the money will flow.

You can’t simply buy a cheap mower, trimmer, blower and wonder why the cash and clients are not flowing in, it simply doesn’t work that way and if it did, everyone would be making a lot of money.

To me it’s simple, work outside the box, perfect things others are not doing well and you will make it.

Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper

As an example, one of the many services we offer is tree climbing. There is amazing money in this work, anywhere from $150 to $750 a tree and for the most part it is pretty easy work. Plus we charge $75 an hour to chip. I have yet to have anyone question these prices.

I along with one of my employees are certified tree climbers. I personally do not do a lot of it now as I broke my ankle three years ago, however we are doing an extensive landscape project on a site and some trees that were very close to the house had to come down. These were massive oak trees.

While we are on site cutting these trees down, as usual, people on the street love to watch. I had planned to get this site done and move on to another site I am excavating but…..I started at 8 this morning and got home at 8:15 this evening. I was so busy going door to door as people were coming and asking that their place be done too.

All in all, just by talking with those watching the tree cutting, I picked up 7 pressure washing jobs and three small excavation jobs which was great.

The next day on site, we set the wood chipper up at the bottom of the tree and my climber just drops branches to the staff. I was hoping to get tomorrow off but I had 9 more calls today which I haven’t even listened to…..wish I had a year round season at times as I really love the variety of things we do. I think  a big key to selling more when working on such job sites is to park a well lettered vehicle, on the street.

Two weeks ago I got a call from a prospect to take out 6 major maple trees along their driveway. I looked and thought to myself this is going to be the job from hell. The trees were in the power lines, all leaning towards the street and massive in size. We had to fall every one in the opposite natural direction.

I gave a quote and thought there is no way on earth they will accept. I needed our 5 ton excavator and an operator, climber, chipper, splitter and tractor to do this job. They also wanted the wood split so that meant another person. They called me later in the day and said we want to hire you.

People driving by could not believe we were landing limbs at the base from climbing and falling every tree within inches of where they needed to go. I had staff chipping, blocking, splitting, directing trees with the excavator …..6 of us on site.

We picked up 5 more jobs from that job alone. Those of us that climb, charge big bucks. We get it because very few other landscapers in the area are certified and insured to do it. In short we will make $350 to $500 an hour climbing trees.

A client will tend to accept all the services we suggest and want only our company to perform them, because we are a one stop shop. Whatever you need, we have the gear to do it. When you have a setup like we do on such a busy road, everyone seems to want to stop and watch, especially when you are 60+ feet in the air on a tree. With all the interest from the neighbors, we gave out close to 30 post cards. I even saw a police car stop and watch for a bit also. It was an amazing project and the client was very, very happy.”

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