Offering parking lot cleanups with your mowing bids?

If you are looking for more add-on services to market to your commercial clients, consider offering the services Rodman did.

Rodman: “Hey everyone I have been very busy I have not had much time to come to the Gopher Forum. I have some how gotten myself into new aspect of lawn Care. As a lot of you know know about the parking lot plus mowing contract I got awhile back. Now the word has spread about the quality of my work I have been getting more calls from other plazas wanting my services. I have a hands on cleaning for these parking lots and I am doing much better then the parking lot sweepers they have hired in the past. I do know for a fact that I will not be doing any residential lawn care accounts this year. I have set up deal with another lawn care operator who lives near me, to do them. I will be working on Commercial Only!

You guys should try to offer your service for parking lot cleaning. BUT remember pick up all paper even if its very small. That makes a difference in the quality of your work and it will be noticed. I have 3 parking lots I am doing now for $1,600 a month per parking lot. My goal is to get total of 15 by the end of the summer. It’s not going to be to hard where I live. x $1,600 a month x 15 see what you get. Now you can understand what kinda money there is to be made.”

Justin: “I was wondering what kind of sweeper do you need to have to clean parking lots. I know those trackless machines are nice but I wouldn’t have a purpose for something like that. I would probably get the broom for my system on my trimmer.”

Rodman: “To be honest I use one the hand held pickup trash devices. Then I use walk behind blower to blow any other away from the front of the store and then I use back blower also. I use my utility vehicle to drive around the parking lot. Its very easy job.”

Andy: “Can you explain exactly what your doing, are you basically walking around picking up any little piece of trash? Do you do these parking lots daily or how often? What sets you apart from parking lot sweepers that scrub and vacuum everything up?”

Rodman: “Hands on cleaning. They do not get the trash from the parking islands. They do not get the leaves from the corner of the walk ways so on. They don’t pick up cigarette butts that litter the flower beds. Its detail work that counts and that’s what I do. I do them every other day.”

Jesse: “Who did you talk to and ask if you can provide them with your services?”

Rodman: “The owner of the plaza.”

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