Offering drainage repair services.

As an entrepreneur I am sure you are always looking out for other service yous can offer your current customer base. The benefit of adding more services and selling them to customers you already have is making more profit per customer. Less money is spent marketing to customers you already have as is less travel time since you are already going to be at the location mowing their lawn. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we will get some insight into the service of drainage repair.

One lawn care business owner wrote “repairing ineffective drains on my mowing customer’s properties is a service I have been offering for years. I started doing it first out of necessity when I would go to a property after it rained on to find half of the ground still flooded hours later. It frustrated me until I started to look and see that many timers there were already drains on the property that had been clogged after years of usage. So I decided I would offer to clear the drains or repair them as nobody likes flooding on their property.

Selling drainage repair jobs is easy to properties that flood.

I had a customer once with a that spanned the entire front of their garage and it would just not drain. Well after a little investigation, we found that the end of the pipe. Can you believe it just went into the lawn and was buried when they added the fill thus plugging up the drain pipe? To find this out, I waited until the yard was dry and then filled the drain with water. Next I watched for it to bubble out of the ground to locate it. Lo and behold it took no time at all to be located.

Offering drainage repair services.

Offering drainage repair services.

After fixing the drainage issue, I was happy because I got paid and the customer was happy as they no longer had flooding in front of their garage.

A second lawn care business owner said “I too offer this service. With a recent customer I found an interesting job myself. When this particular home was built 10+ years ago, it seems the contractors installed all this patio brickwork incorrectly.

They didn’t use any fabric below the brick, nor did they compact the base, nothing. The bricks were set on nothing but sand. The area when it was excavated for the homes was already very sandy and they didn’t use any of the proper materials or techniques.

Now I am happy there are over 45 homes in this development that all have failing drains. I have done 2 already this spring and hope to do more as I will be marketing the service.

How I billed for the landscape drainage job.

Such a job takes about 2 hours to complete with 2 employees. I used a half yard of 3/4 stone, and fabric. The final total for the job was $300. I probably could have charged more but since they are my regular mowing customers, I gave them a break. Future bids will include a higher price though.

If I could get those 45 homes X $300 per home =$13,500! That’s not bad at all and I guarantee my work for life. If it fails again, I will fix it for free. Not a bad guarantee if you ask me or my customers.”

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