Not every lawn care marketing idea is a good one.

If you spend a little time being creative, you can come up with a lot of lawn care marketing ideas that really stand out. After you create a list of ideas, go through them with a friend and see which ones sound like they could work well and which ones would just be a waste of time. Here are a few marketing ideas from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that could work and some that probably couldn’t.

One lawn care business owner wrote “we all know what really makes a company stand out is how often a potential client sees them or their logo, or hears about them. Word of mouth probably is the number one way of getting yourself out there, but how do you get those few customers to start?

That’s what me and my partner have been thinking about the past few months and we decided we would advertise in many new creative ways and go beyond the standard: door hangers, flyers, and business cards. We will not forget about those key advertising methods but thought, let’s change it up a bit.

So we decided to put our logo and our cards where people would never expect them, just so they remember us. Here are some of the ideas, tell me what you think on them. Some are silly and some are serious but I’m sure theyll help us stick in a customers head.

Now for the more creative. How about rolling down a sheet or two of paper towel in a restroom, tape your flyer on a sheet, and then roll it back up? You could do the same with business card on toilet paper too. Maybe on the back of a bathroom stall door or above a urinal I could post a flyer. Taping a quick flyer to it wont be too time consuming.

My town has a huge brick wall at the corner of two of the towns major roads. So why not go to town hall and ask to hang a banner on it? I can get banners printed up pretty cheaply online.

What about making individual flyers for each business I hang them in. I could make one for gas stations, hair salons / barber shops, gun stores, antique stores, restaurants. Maybe even make a special flyer for the restrooms.”

A second lawn care business owner said “what really makes your company stand out is not crazy off the wall marketing methods but instead good solid service. You can do all these things you said and none of them will amount to a hill of beans if you can’t perform a great job that makes the customer want to keep you around and refer you to their friends.

Another thing, have you spent any time at all thinking who is going to be seeing some of these marketing ideas? Are they going to be home owners who are looking for lawn care or are they going to be some random person in a bathroom somewhere?

Don’t waste your time marketing to everyone. You have to focus on marketing to those who are looking for lawn care services. Otherwise you are going to be wasting a lot of time and money.”

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