New lawn customers want estimates over the phone.

The callers you get when you first are starting your mowing business can be quite frustrating with their demands. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, there are procedures you should put in place to handle new callers, to guarantee you don’t under bid a job by bidding it sight unseen.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this year I have decided to start a landscaping business and try to build it up. I am starting pretty much from scratch. And from my short experience, it seems a lot of people call wanting me to either beat a certain mowing price which is really low, or have no idea what it takes to keep a yard manicured.

The one recent caller that stands out the most is the guy that wanted mowing, edging, blowing, and shrub trimming every other week. He said he was currently paying $32.50 and that they were unreliable. I told him $30 but he never wanted to sign the contract, so I think that I may try to raise the price and he’ll either pay or tell me to go on, because it turned his property was a lot bigger than he made it out to be.

No longer will I estimate lawns over the phone, unless I can see the entire yard clearly on the map.

It seems that a lot of people think that bi-weekly lawn maintenance is going to suddenly make their poorly taken care of yard look beautiful, when in reality, they have plants that need replacing, need loads of weed eating / cleanup, and need to be fertilizing and treating their lawns. No one understands the concept of needing to initially clean up their landscape and maintain from then on.”

A second lawn care business owner answered “as you are just starting out, make sure you do good work at the jobs you get. Do them at a fair price and your reputation will grow with time. In these tough economic times, there’s a lot of low ballers trying to make a quick buck.

Folks that choose the low ballers are seldom happy and may end up calling you down the road when you are established as a reputable company. Those that don’t and are happy with the low baller, aren’t the clients you want to build your business with anyhow.

When it comes to new potential lawn care customers, calling in on the phone, I never give an estimate over the phone.

I also wouldn’t rely on the best map to base an estimate on. Always go to the property and see it first hand before discussing cost. I don’t know about most of you guys but I work in a generally small area. When I need to quote a property I’ll let them know when I’ll be in their area. Usually it’s only 2-3 days, giving quotes while in the area conserves fuel and time. It adds up if your running out the door every time the phone rings.”

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