Needing help with a commercial gutter clean out estimate.

When it comes to estimating gutter cleaning, there is no one standard rate that will apply to every situation. Sure we have seen plenty of suggestions on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum of charging $1 per foot on the first floor and $2 a foot on the second level when estimating gutter cleaning. But what then do you do when presented with a commercial gutter cleaning job where only a small percentage of the gutters have any debris in them? That is the situation one entrepreneur found himself in when he asked his question.”

One lawn care business owner wrote “have any of you ever cleaned out gutters at a storage building complex? The manager of a local facility here has asked me to give her an estimate on cleaning out the gutters at their storage building. There are 8 building. The total linear feet for the buildings is 4,360 ft. The gutters on the building are just like those on a house only a little bit deeper. Out of the 4,360 feet only about 1,567.5 feet actually has stuff in them. It will have to be handpicked and put into a bucket.

How to estimate gutter cleaning.

How to estimate gutter cleaning.

Should I charge a dollar per linear foot or less? What should I charge by the linear foot? I feel like a dollar is to much for this job. When I was talking to the building manager she said she don’t know how much the owner would be willing to pay. He may just have to get the worst parts done first and the rest later.

Instead of manually pulling out handfuls of leaves at a time, I thought about using a pressure washer but there is no water hook up. I don’t have a pressure washer but I could rent one but the lack of water is going to make that idea a non-starter.

I am estimating I can probably get all the work done in a full day. With only about 400 feet that is super dirty I could focus on that only. They are located right a long a wood line and the rest of it is just hit and miss spots.”

A second lawn care business owner said “my estimate for gutter cleaning is a dollar per foot.

Now with that in mind, you could go about it in a few ways, you could charge for the 1567.5 ft and that would be about $1,567.50. If you feel they won’t go for that, you could tell them you would clean out the worst of it along that 400 feet that is really clogged up. That would bring the price down to $400.

I think if it were me doing it, I would tell them its $1.00 a foot and they could choose how much they want you to clean out. Take a few pictures to show them what the status is of the gutters. Then they will feel in control of the bid.

Remember that confidence in your sales pitch will determine a lot too. If you don’t get it or if you find yourself lowering your price, please consider how much time it will take. Know that you want to at least make $X an hour. That way you won’t lose money on the job.

If they decline, you could counter with ‘well how much were you planning on spending  on this job?’ If they say ‘oh I don’t know, but not that much,’ you could say ‘well I might be able to negotiate a little with you on price if perhaps I could perform some other services for you as well. Would you consider allowing me to mow your lawn for the season and keep the parking areas clear of debris? This way I could package all my services together for one monthly price.’

Again, its all about your negotiating!”

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