Napkin dispenser lawn care marketing idea.

I just love the creative marketing ideas that get posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. There are so many ideas posted, you will never run out of ways to promote yourself. Let’s talk about the latest great idea. One of our members shared with us a story on how he uses napkin dispensers to promote his real estate business.

Napkin dispenser marketing

Napkin dispenser lawn care advertising

He wrote “I advertise in about 25 to 30 restaurants right now. I went and bought these great Napkin Holders that you can put ads on both sides.

None of the restaurants charge me anything at all to put these dispensers in their location. When I recently bought the napkin holders, they where only $5 bucks each.

I not only sold a couple house from those ads, but people run into me and say they are sick of seeing my face all over the place. That is good!

I also bought a bunch of the large stand up napkin holder that have my advertising on the front of them. I have them in about 20 gas stations next the fountain drinks.

The good thing about gas stations, they get tons of traffic to see the advertising.

I put my outdoor business card holders on the top of these so people can Take A Card and the card holder does not fall open or go all over the place if someone knocks it over or when they put more napkins in the holder. They work great for me.


Here is one that I have in a Shell Gas Station.

Napkin dispenser advertising

Napkin dispenser lawn care marketing

I do so many weird things because that is what works.”

After seeing this I asked him how do you go about getting them in the stores?

Do you offer to pay for the napkins or do they refill them, themselves?

He replied “For the gas stations I will supply the napkins for the first like 6 month or all year, They only use about a half case. Case of napkins are only $50 dollors.

With the restaurants, I just give them the holders and they get the napkins from their suppliers.

But when I bring the holders into the facilities just about everyone of them love the napkin holders and they say yes!

I put them in one gas stations and with in days I got calls from other gas stations asking for them. The owners are all family and are really great/smart business people. “

I asked him how often does he go back to refill these dispensers and he said “I go back to them as much as possible, I have to show my face because I always like to talk to them about what’s new. They recommend people to me.”

Consider this lawn care marketing idea the next time you find yourself walking around in a gas station or at a restaurant, you just might pick up more customers than you know what to do with!

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Napkin dispenser lawn care marketing idea. GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Show.

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