My lawn care competitor runs things so different!

We all can get stuck in our own cycles or schedule of running our business and sometimes it works out well, while other times, it doesn’t. The only way to know for sure if what we are doing is really optimal is by talking to others and hearing stories on how they are operating. That is exactly what this entrepreneur did and he shared his story with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Maybe his insights will help open your eyes to other methods.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I working at a pressure washing job the other day and a neighboring lawn care guy came by to say hi. One thing led to another and I started to talk to him about business.

He told me he has been in business for 23 years. Throughout all those years he has evolved his operation to try and make it as efficient as possible. He only mows lawns and doesn’t do commercial work with the exception of cemeteries. I thought that was interesting so I had to pick his brain.

The way he runs things is he mows up to 50 miles away. He goes to a different town each day. He is also really picky about who he allows to be a client. He prefers customers who are never home and won’t bother him while he is mowing. He won’t touch an overgrown yard. He said he would rather discontinue service than chasing customers for payments.

The most interesting thing he said was he won’t give customers his cell phone number. He uses a business line for business only and checks his calls when he’s home, so he’s not bothered while working.

After reflecting on all he said, I found I run my business almost the opposite way. I don’t care too much for lawn mowing and focus mainly on landscape installations, pressure washing, clean ups, and snow removal. I’m always bothered by calls and chatty customers. I deal with the headache commercial accounts all the time. I won’t mow lawns more then 15 miles away from my home.

To see us focus on different services and still both be successful was interesting none to less.

The business strategy works if you are being efficient. He has the advantage that before the mowing season starts, he knows he has a certain amount of mowing accounts in that town. So he knows he is already profiting by going there and then any other lawns he picks up is just added profit.

I had a few calls from 20 miles away for mowing and I turned them down. Now If I add them up over the season I had about a dozen calls from that city. So if I would have picked up those yards early on. I would have been doing alright. It really makes you think about if what you are doing, is effective.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “working 50 miles from home isn’t a big deal. If you were a carpenter and building homes you may have to drive that distance for a couple weeks until the home is under roof.

The thing is, as long as you aren’t driving 50 miles to do one or two lawns and then driving back to do a couple more, you should be fine. If you drive 50 miles and do 15 lawns and the next day is maybe driving 20 miles to do another 15 it’s not so bad.

I have learned that talking to customers doesn’t always equal referrals. The customers I mow and stick around to talk to, have yet to recommend me a single addition customer. Then I have the mowing customers I never see, pass my business cards on and I get calls for mowing. So I can’t say talking to customers has been a big bonanza for me.

My ideal schedule in my area would be Tuesday through Friday, mowing in a different area each day. Monday’s for mulching and stuff like that. The only downfall with that schedule is that people are willing to pay extra for a Thursday or Friday mowing schedule. Then you either have to turn them down, hope they accept your day in their area or arrange your schedule and suck up the mileage if they’re out of the way.”

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