My lawn care business motivational speech.

Do you ever stop and think why you own a lawn care business? Do you think about the parts you enjoy as well as the parts you don’t? Do you ever wonder what others think about their business as they lay in bed at night? Maybe you wonder how your thoughts compare with theirs? Here is a little insight into one business owner’s mind who shared with us his insights on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

He wrote “first off, I don’t ‘LOVE’ mowing lawns! I love being outdoors. I ‘like’ doing yard work. But most important: ‘I LOVE MONEY!!!’ I am in this to make money. If you claim you’re not, you need to STOP immediately. I mean, come on. We’re all here to make money otherwise we would mow for free.

Yes, some lawn care business owners will REALLY like doing this, but the point is to make money. Every once in a while I find myself running into this mental block that I need to push through. It seems the things that lead up to the mental block are always the same. Sometimes I feel like I keep running into brick walls and everything turn to s**t. I hand out flyers, door hangers, business cards to everyone I meet, some yard signs and contacted several realtors. What are the results of those efforts? NOTHING! Man, this sucks! At the same time I’m thinking the 10 contracted customer I got in my 1st season were profitable, and I should be happy. Some nights I lay in bed and can’t sleep because I think about my business. WOW! My head is spinning now! I think most other business owners have done that at some point or another.

I know I love to fix and repair things, anything! That is what I feel like I do for a living. I have always liked trying to figure out how to make something work again or even make it better.
As far as thinking goes, I try to see how I could do something better, faster or just plain easier. I think to myself, what did I do wrong? Did I forgot something? Why is this lawn care customer upset? Why did this customer not call me back? How can I keep this from happening again? And on, and on, and on, and on……………..

I guess I am just a very analytical person. Always trying to figure out stuff.  In a sense I feel like I suffer from a JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE syndrome.

But my problem might just come down to I think way too much about this. It really should be  simple. Make money or get out. Either you like having extra money or you don’t. It does not take a brain surgeon to do the simple math.

Only you can decide for yourself what the best option is for you and your family is. I know for me I have to keep moving and making money and I have found that people like me, really have no choice. Guys like me have to keep working and moving. When I spend $5, I have to find a way to make $15.00. That is my mindset. It has to be.

When I find my marketing is not working, I have to take a pause and think, what have you been doing to drive people to call you? What are you offering as services? What makes you stand out from everybody else? The phone needs to ring everyday so, the work comes in.

I know if I keep pounding away with all of this work I am doing, it will eventually snowball. However, if I stop, everything stops. When I was growing up, my dad beat it into me that I may not be the smartest person around but as long as I am good with my imagination and hands, I can make a good living for myself. I may not be able to be a doctor or lawyer or some upper class person that makes $200k a year. That’s not me. I get paid what I charge and that’s the bottom line.

There is a point I found myself at a while back, before I started my lawn care business where I was analyzing everything and looking at all these people I was working with. Then it hit me. Either I change my situation or I will become just like all of them.

I decided I did not want to be 50 years old and drinking a 12 pack of beer a day. Talk like I know everything and brag everything up and have nothing to show for it except an old chevy pickup that needs work because I am too broke to pay for a new carburateor. So, with the little bit of money I had saved up I bought some lawn care equipment, placed ads, had business cards made up and waited for the phone to ring. I wanted to be busy as possible, right away. Yes we all do, but I learned that it takes time.

It’s a lot of work to get started and continue the progress of being successful. Henry Ford said it best when he wrote ‘a business, absolutely devoted to service, will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.’

So to sum this up, my 2 cents is keep mowing and digging! It’ll get better. It has to. LOL”

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