Mowing the wrong yard by mistake? It happens!

There are many mistakes you can make with your lawn care business, but one of the simplest ones to prevent is mowing at the wrong house. If you think it doesn’t happen, here are two landscapers from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, who have had run into similar situations. If there is a lesson to be learned from this, it is to double check your addresses for new mowing customers before you begin.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I got a call and went to check out this yard last Saturday morning. I met with the homeowner walked the lawn, discussed what he wanted, and agreed on a price. I told him I would be by this week to mow it.

Today I went to mow the house. Finished mowing the front and was working on the small side before going to the back. As I was doing this, a lady comes out of the next door house. I stop and say hi and shoot the breeze for a second. She asks me if I was the new neighbor? No. She said ‘So Mike finally bit the bullet to get somebody to mow his lawn?’ I said ‘yes ma’am’, thinking to myself, I didn’t remember the gentleman I met telling me his name was Mike.

After a moment, I went back to work and started to enter the back yard gate when I realized something was wrong! This wasn’t the back yard I looked at and all these houses look the same from the front.

So I went back to the truck, pulled out my mowing schedule, and checked the address on the mailbox against the address on the contact form. YEP wrong house. Good thing too because I was kicking myself for bidding it at what I did once I started mowing.

At this point, the lady came out again and I told her I was at the wrong house. I said Mike’s lucky as he got a free mowing today! We talked for a bit more. She then took a business card and said maybe Mike will send me a check. We will see if it happens or not. The lady told me her neighbor needed someone to mow the yard for him, so maybe I will get this job after all. I wasted a lot of time today on this yard.

Always double check your addresses, especially when the homes look alike. This house was 22203 and I was suppose to be at 22403.”

A second lawn care business owner said “don’t feel you are the only one this happens to. The closest I’ve come to doing this exact thing was taking a call about a lawn that needed a cut badly. The guy was at work but said ‘if it’s under $60, just cut it while you’re there.’ I looked it over, decided it could be done for that price, and unloaded the mower.

I had an uneasy feeling that I may be at the wrong house, so I called him back and asked him to describe the house to me so I was sure I was at the right place. Luckily I was at the right spot but it doesn’t hurt to double check.”

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