Monthly sprinkler maintenance lawn care contract perk.

Getting lawn care customers to sign up with you for annual lawn care maintenance is good thing. You get steady pay from them all year round and can easily get them to continue having you service them into the next year. But if you find it is difficult to get a customer to actually want to sign a contract, maybe you can consider offering this perk explained to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Sometimes it’s the small perks that can really encourage a customer to agree to a contract.

One lawn care business owner wrote “In my lawn care agreement with my clients one of the perks I give to them is monthly sprinkler maintenance. I run the system out and check for broken or misdirected sprinkler heads so I know that it was working perfectly on said day. I repair or replace at no cost to the client 3 non rotating sprinkler heads or 1 small or large rotating head. They seem to like it and it’s a good service that goes a long way. Doing this has gotten me more jobs on site and big time referrals.

Monthly, I run the system the first week of the month and replace/repair anything that is needed to be fixed up to those numbers I state in my contract. After that the client’s pays for the rest at cost no charge to install.

I may have to change out or repair at most 2 heads a year only due to age. I have never had to replace one because I have damaged it. Knock on wood. If I do a sprinkler install then all parts are at cost plus labor. If I just move or relocate a sprinkler head, then I try to reuse what I have. I get the sprinkler inventory from a friend who owns a distribution warehouse. I get them at cost not retail. Case prices are even cheaper. Mostly what I have had to fix are 2″ or 4″ pop up heads. What you pay at the box store $1.80 to $4.00 a piece. I pay about $.43 a piece.

When I give an estimate my price has this included in the total cost. It only takes a second to turn on the system and 4-6 minutes to run through the system. My price is based on a hourly rate that I need to make and the hourly rate isn’t shown to the client.

Here in Florida it may get towards freezing 32* maybe twice a year, so we don’t have to worry about winterizing the system. Most run their systems year round. The lines are about 1′ to 1′ 1/2″ under the ground.

If a lawn care business owner wanted to add such a service to their annual contracts, they need to know what they need to make an hour first.


15 min per month x 12 months = 3 hours x $60 hour = $180 yearly / 12 = $15 a month.

At $30 per hour it’s $90 yearly or an additional $7.50 a month to include this in the annual lawn care contracts. It’s really not much, but to the customer that has an irrigation system, it really gives them piece of mind that helps me sell more contracts.”

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