Marketing yourself with every chance you get.

It is so very important to always be prepared. Whether that means always being prepared to take on new work or as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, that we are prepared to network and sell when opportunities present themselves. Each and everyday, we are surrounded by many opportunities. How we harness those opportunities that appear in front of us, can drastically impact our businesses.

One lawn care business owner wrote “it came to me the other day how important it is that we stay in contact with old friends. See what they might be up to and to keep people informed what we are doing.

A week ago I stopped at a favorite coffee shop chain as I needed a kick of caffeine in the afternoon. A fellow sitting at a table talking to someone called my name as I was walking out. I hadn’t seen him since the early late 90’s. He was a friend of a friend. Anyhow he asked me to join them for a few minutes which I did. I asked what he was doing now, building homes and selling them. Not just any size homes, but upper end $400,000 to $1,000,000 in a new upper end subdivision we have not worked in.

Although I had a company shirt and hat on, he didn’t pick up on it right away that I ran my own lawn care company. He was complaining about trades people, shoddy work, being on time but he said excavation and landscaping was a PITA. He had just been fined $2,500 on a new place because it was not graded per the subdivision rules.

I jumped on it with a simple comment, ‘you should be hiring us.’ I took a few minutes to update him on what I have been doing and about my business. Afterward he asked me to set up a time to meet him at a house that he has almost completed. I did and showed up to find the major landscaping, excavation job around the property was a mess.

From there, I worked out a quote and with it I went high. I wanted to really show him what we can do to make this a wonderful looking landscaped property. He accepted within 15 minutes of me emailing the quote. Next he told me he has two other homes which he needs sod on so I bid on those as well.

This situation worked out really smooth as I was the only one bidding the job. There are times though when I will use the ‘if you decide to get other quotes, that is a good idea, here is what you should consider……….’ sales angle. Some people will take notes on what I say and of course all of the points I raise are those that highlight my assets. When I use that sales method I almost always end up with the job even if they get more bids.

When you are giving a quote, you should be explaining what you will do and spotlight your knowledge about performing the job. The goal is to make the potential customer feel confident in your abilities. You wouldn’t take your vehicle in for service and leave your truck to be fixed if the service managed was fumbling on what they were going to do would you? Of course not, so that is why it is so important to be confident in your sales presentation.

When needed, I can give examples of every service we offer. What is it that we do that others do not and what the customer should expect in the final outcome. Sometimes it’s the equipment we have, the process, our guarantee for two years on sod etc. All of these points help me sell more, but it is when I harness my social network connections, that I can put myself in front of a potential buyer and work my sales magic.

Anyhow to me this was another great example of how we have to keep marketing ourselves every chance we can. We never know what someone in our network, we haven’t seen for years, might be up to and how they could utilize our services.”

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