Marketing total property cleanups and junk removal.

How many times have you driven by a property that was severely overgrown and didn’t even consider offering your lawn care services to the home owner, only because you thought it would take too much time and the owner would never pay you for it? Well if you have, you may want to reconsider after reading this story from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about how one lawn care business owner has been making good money and finding some useful stuff from such properties he was able to keep!

He wrote “property cleanups and junk removal has made me some pretty good money this year. I made some flyers I leave at a home if I see junk in their yard that needs removal.

I also have flyers that are made just for real estate offices and banks that state that perform foreclosures. On the flyer I have written ‘I’ll do anything from simple mowing and edging to complete clean out and make ready.’ Those flyers are taken directly to all real estate offices and banks. On another flyer I use the headline I’LL DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO GET THE PROPERTY SOLD OR RENTED.

I have come across plenty of jobs where the owners just want the property cleaned up and done. Because of that, they tend to pay a little more for my time than if I were simply just mowing a yard. An added benefit to doing these yard cleanups and junk removal services is that the stuff I find in the yard, I am usually allowed to keep!

You’d be amazed at the items I find in over grown yards. I found a jon boat turned up side down, several bicycles, tools galore. Some of the stuff I keep, some I scrap, and some I give away to people who I know need the items.

Last Saturday I was going to take off and spend it with my wife in celebration of her birthday. But thanks to one of my flyers, I got a phone call from a customer who just bought a new rental property and he need me A.S.A.P. to clean the back yard out. So I told him I’d be over to check it out .

When I got there, the front was not too bad. It looked like it hadn’t been mowed in a couple of weeks. Then I got to the back yard and WOW. It looked like it had not been mowed all summer! The weeds were as tall as I was! With that, I told the customer that I would do it for $250. He said what ever it takes just get it done and call him when I was done so he could come pay me.

Before yard cleanup

Before yard cleanup

So with that, I got my weed eater out and began line trimming the yard. Once I got the first layer down I then racked up my line trimmer and got my mower out. Put on a fresh blade on it and mowed down the lawn. It came out nice. I even found a hot tub in all the mess!

I called him as I began mowing the front yard and he showed up a few minutes later. When he did, he walked around the property, front first and then back to check it out. Coming around the house he smiled approvingly at the job I had done and asked if I would haul the hot tub out too. I told him sure and with that, he got his wallet out, handed me 4, one hundred dollar bills, and said thanks for all the good work.

After yard cleanup

After yard cleanup

I was shocked! I made $400 for 3 hours with my single line trimmer and 15 minutes of mowing. Plus I got a hot tub which I cleaned up and sat in my back deck with a big bow on it to surprise my wife for her birthday when she gets home.

So consider this service and actively go out there to market it to home owners and real estate agents.”

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