How to market to kids and get more lawn care business.

You can learn a lot from the veterans of the lawn care industry if you take the time to listen to what they have to say. Instead of going off on your own and trying new untested lawn care marketing ideas, how about experimenting with one that works. Here for instance is a lawn care marketing idea that was shared on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. It involves marketing to the kids of your customers. Now all too often kids seem to be brushed off and told to stay back and away from all the machinery. But what if you got them involved? You might be surprised at the responses you get!

One lawn care business owner wrote and said “you may call it marketing, sucking up, or whatever but one thing is for certain. Kids love tractors and equipment. I always make it a point to offer my clients’ kids a ride on my tractor. They really appreciate it and their parents do too!

I also keep a supply of kid sized John Deere T-Shirts in the truck that my dealer gives me a deal on. Doing this has brought me a lot of new business but it’s not the only reason why I do it. I know it’s good for public relations but I am also thinking ahead about future employees.

Andy & Brian, he is 3 ½ on a landscaping job.

Andy & Brian, he is 3 ½ on a landscaping job.

Other things you could consider doing would be to carry a small tank of helium and balloons somewhere in the truck. You could also get some custom made shirts that have your business name on the back with a tractor image on the front that says official little helper.

At one point I used to offer hay rides but that idea is now out due to insurance. There was an accident here a few years back with another company that put an end to it. I used to do this in our community and it was a big hit.

We all need to remember that you win clients through their kids. I am serious about this. You pay a little attention to the kids and they will love you immediately. If this is the sole reason a client hires me or refers me to a neighbor, I am grateful. Ultimately, what ever reason the clients decides on want to hiring you is fine as long as they hire you.

The bottom line is I love kids and wish I had a dozen. I have been on tractors and driving them since I was 5 or so. I know how much it meant to me when I was younger, to have an equipment operator pay a little attention to me and offer me a ride. To this day that still hasn’t changed a bit.

Experiment with these ideas and fine tune them to make them work best for you.”

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