Marketing tips and lawn care business door hanger design.

Have you done any marketing lately for your lawn care business? Have you found a unique hook to make your message stand out? This entrepreneur shared with us, on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one method he was using to make his door hangers different from the rest. I hope this discussion and graphic design inspires you to create a better door hanger for your business.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I recently had my lawn care door hangers redesigned. On the door hanger, I tried to use a unique marketing angle to help me stand out. I debated doing this for weeks and ultimately decided to add it in.

I chose to add ‘College Student Owner’ because living in my city, almost everyone you talk to supports the state University and regularly goes to the football and basketball games. When I used to work at the local country club, I was always asked school related questions and many of the members were intrigued that I was a college student and worked 40 hours a week all at once. I guess they saw my ambition and drive.

Lawn care business door hanger

Lawn care business door hanger

I never tried marketing while promoting I am a college student owner before but I thought it might improve my response rates. It can be a lot of fun mixing up your marketing message from time to time. As a test I only bought 1,000 door hangers. When I’m done passing those out, if I get a decent response rate, I plan on getting 1,000 more. If it doesn’t work, I will take off college student owner and try another attention getting headline.

With the door hangers I will be going door to door, knocking on doors and trying to start up conversations. I will first introduce myself and then tell them what in their yard can be improved upon or needs help. Like… their is a pile of bark in your driveway, I can spread that out for a good price or the lawn looks overgrown let me mow it for you.

I also have flyers that I post at grocery stores and pass out along with business cards. My mom works in a local beauty parlor so I have her passing out my business cards to her friends and customers. That has seemed to help a lot as her friends are very fond of me. Actually just last week I got a call from a local realtor. She asked me to do some jobs for her and I was overly excited. That was one of the best contacts I have had in a while and it was from a business card she received at the hair salon. She actually let me put my sign in the yard so when she tries to sell the house, her clients will see that it was my company that did all the landscaping and yard maintenance.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I like that you are experimenting with your marketing and I think you should use any angle you can to stand out. Anything that makes you different should be something to promote.

I bet a lot of people like the idea of someone working their way through college and find it to be commendable. With that consumer feeling, I would figure it would give you an edge.

Don’t just distribute 1,000 door hangers to 1,000 people. You will improve your response rate if you hit a smaller group multiple times through out the year.”

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