Marketing color change plantings to your lawn care customers.

Tom shared with us his marketing ideas for early Spring. In a post at the Gopher Lawn Care Forum He said “know your target market and let them know of services coming up for any given season well in advance. For example I plan to start advertising color change out and irrigation start ups in February and push into early March, so that when spring begins here usually around mid to late March I will have things lined up and ready to go.”

Steve: “Could you tell us a little about this service?”

Tom: “What I mean by color change out is annual color. Most people here have out panies and ornamental kale cabbage etc. I am wanting to advertise on pulling those out and putting in spring color. Go in pull out the fall color, add some fertilizer, mulch the area, and replant with spring color. If done correctly there are good profit margins in this and I usually include this in the quarterly maintenance clients that I have.”

Steve: “This is fantastic! It seems like many smaller start up lawn care business owners don’t offer this service!

Do you have any advice or suggestions on how to charge for this?

Also if one wanted to do this, what should they be considering to plant in the spring?”

Tom: “Plant complementary colors. Orange with Blue, Purple with Yellow etc. (example purple iris with daffodils). Use color combinations and be creative!

As far as actual plants that is going to vary depending which heat zone you live in. Here in my area we are between a 7 and 8. I like mixing yellow lantana with purple wave petunias or something to the equivalent. Further north this my not work due to temp.

As far as cost what I do on the color is take my cost and multiply it by 3.5.


  • 10 bags of premium potting mix at $3.00 a bag = $30.

  • 2 lbs of 10-10-10 say $2.00

  • 5 flats of annuals at $11.00 = $55

So I have about 90 bucks in it and charge around $300. A $200 dollar net income for half a day.”

Steve: “How much of the color change plantings do you do in pots (large or small) and how much are planted in the ground?”

Tom: “It depends from house to house. Some people have decks or patios with pots that need changing out. While others have color around focal points, front doors, etc. I would say 90% of mine is in the ground.

You have to be careful who you offer it to. “Mow blow and go” customers probably will not be interested in the service. However your high end residential customers are much more likely to buy into such a product.”

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