Market and promote your lawn care business with a pumpkin painting day!

This October, why not have a pumpkin painting day in your neighborhood. You could either charge a couple of bucks to the parents per pumpkin, or even better would be to just do it for free as a way to build up good public relations in your area.

Create yard signs to promote this. Maybe ask the parents to r.s.v.p. to make sure you have enough pumpkins for everyone. Or you could say it will be free while supplies last. Offer everyone some soft drinks and Halloween candies too while they are there. You could also create some flyers to promote this as well. This could really make you look like a local community hero for very little money on your part.
pumpkin painting lawn care marketing
If you have kids that are around the age where they would find this to be fun, make flyers for them to hand out at school.

Take pictures of the event for your business website and send to the local paper. In fact you could probably put an ad in the local community events section.

lawn care business promotion

Say something like free neighborhood pumpkin painting day. Please rsvp, space is limited. Call Bob at 555-2432 to RSVP. The number of course would be your business number.
lawn care business press release
Set up a table and get some paints ready. Also have some sort of paper or shirts the kids could wear as so as not to get paint all over themselves.

You could do this in your driveway of your front yard and this would give you a great chance to get to know the parents in your area which are your potential customers.

Get this going your first year and build it every year until you have to close the street down and it becomes an outdoor community fall festival.

Then you could take it to the next level. Take a picture of each kid there and print out the image. Then insert it into a Halloween themed picture frame you probably could get a bunch of these cheap at a local crafts store and give this to the parent.

lawn care pumpkin marketing

On the back of the frame put a sticker that promotes your business.

lawn care business promotion

The parents would just love this. Being over the top will get people talking. Even if they don’t use your service, they will tell all their family members and neighbors about this and you will build up a lot of goodwill within your community.

Get some yard signs made and have some balloons flying from them to get attention on this. Put them at street corners in your area.

lawn care yard sign

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