Making money with holiday lighting?

Making money with holiday lighting?

Stop Lowballing track #12 added today.

Learn about how to make money with holiday lighting in the winter months and suppliment your lawn care business’ income. “Listen while you mow, to help your business grow.”

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Last winter we asked our forum members if anyone is offering holiday lighting or other decoration services this winter? If so what will you be doing?

Here are some of the responses. Remember you can join in our forum to share your responses as well.

Anthony from said “it is very difficult to profit off Christmas lights. I did it for one year, and didn’t make nearly as much off it as i should have. It takes a long time to put up, and people don’t want to pay for the time.

I charged hourly and at that point in time, I had just started my business and didn’t have insurance yet, so I didn’t deal with that end. but the thing is, to really do a nice job on a house, you will be there all day. It takes hours upon hours to hang lights along gutters, and forget about if you have to do a tree. You wind up having to charge like a grand to hang lights.

That was way more of an over exaggeration, but i did charge up to 750 on some. I mean think about it, if you work on a house for 6 hours, which this time a year is like a full day, and you have 3 guys, what’s it gonna cost?”

Forum member Mark (PremierLand) said, “I do Christmas Decor. I know people who spend anywhere from $2000 to $50,000 on xmas lights. Theres a ton of money to be made. You can buy a strand of lights for $2 and charge $25 to put up and $25 to take down, for one small strand of lights…

However, it is a huge liability, and you have to have ALOT of insurance. Because if the house was to burn down, I’m sure the first person they would come after is who ever put the lights up. Then you and your entire family would be out on the street in your underwear. No joke.

This is my second year doing it. I do not do it through another company’s training, its all done on my own. I did one house last year with lights on EVERY SINGLE shingle of their roof. It was crazy, you could probably see it from space. lol.

Mostly they are lawn customers. There are a lot of companies that do xmas lighting around here though so they mostly just stick with whom ever cuts their lawn. However there is that occasional person who doesn’t do lighting so they call me, i get the job for lighting, and then while I’m there i talk them into hiring me for lawn care and snow plowing”

We asked Mark “did you do any door hangers or flyers to promote this service or was it all word of mouth?” He said “500 door hangers last year (which is not a lot since we put out 20,000 a few years back for lawn care and landscaping) but other than the 500, nope. all word of mouth”

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