Make big money with driveway leveling services.

Do you have a list of jobs you need to get done around your own home yet you have yet to do them? Have you gotten to the point where you considered hiring some0ne else to do them. Maybe you don’t have the right equipment or the knowledge to perform the job. But what if no one else in your area offered the service you needed? Would you consider offer it yourself? That’s just what happened to this landscaper and he shared with us his story in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I decided to expand the services I offer with my compact utility tractor and bought myself a box blade and power rake. A box blade is basically what it sounds like. It’s a 3 sided box with teeth inside of it, designed to scrape across the ground and level out the surface. As you use the box blade down a gravel road it starts to fill with dirt depending on how low you have the scraper blade. As it moves forwards, it skims dirt off the higher areas and releases dirt into low areas. The end result is a road that is perfectly flat.

The teeth are adjustable. From the seat, I can make them dig into the ground up to 6″ or not at all. For best results, what you do is go up and down the driveway taking about 1/2 the depth of your deepest pot hole or rut. As you do this, the box blade will release dirt into the ruts or holes and as it passes over. The rear of the blade puts about 600 pounds of pressure on the dirt compacting it. Once you have gone over the entire driveway going forwards, you go backwards generally with one pass and it will really compact the gravel and you end up with a driveway that is super smooth.

box blade

box blade

The reason the teeth can dig so deep is for digging up really uneven soil. Beyond driveways, it can be used for removing top soil to put in a new lawn. You can use it to remove dirt to level for construction. In short anything you want to level, this is the ideal tool.

So I took the backhoe off  for the  first time to try out the new box blade on my driveway. My driveway is just over 600 feet long. Wow do these things work slick! The first order of business was to tilt the teeth down and go. It worked perfectly. As I scraped down through the gravel the earth it pulled up was leveled by the 3-sided wall behind the teeth. The total time, from start to finish to level the driveway was only 45 min. As I was doing this, I had two people walking by with their dogs stop and ask if I could come over and look at their driveway’s and give a quote.

My driveway was getting in really rough shape. It was covered in pot holes at ruts. The  winters are hard on driveways where I live, because they freeze and thaw over and over.

Now after I use the box blade on the driveway I wait for it to dry out. Next I can attach a rake and crown the driveway.

Once I was completed, I went out and bid on a few other driveways in my area. I also made some postcards that promote this new service and drop them off anytime I see a poorly maintained driveway. In all I landed four driveway jobs in just one day and made an easy $360.00.

I have a tendency to over quote a job. If I do the job in less time than I originally thought I only charge the client per hour I was there. I have a minimum of $50.00 to show up. You should be able to do a 300 foot driveway in less than an hour, even if it’s in rough shape. It doesn’t really take that much longer to do a driveway even twice that length. When I quote a client $100.00 for a driveway, their response so far has been ‘really??? When can you do it?’.

The past two days I spent some time talking to more people and I have lined up quite a few more quotes for summer work. One client wants a 150 foot walking path put in the woods. Since this service has really begun to sell well so far I will list this service, on a free internet classified site. I also am going to have some signs made to leave at the end of the driveways to further promote the service.

My goal now with this service is $100.00 an hour. When I am out selling the service, I try to line up a few jobs in the same area to help split the float fee. That’s the fee I add to the service to transport the equipment.

For 15 years I looked for someone to grade my driveway before I finally gave up and bought the equipment to do the job myself since there simply wasn’t anyone around to do it. So my advice to you is to keep your eyes open for services you could use. Once you compile a list of a few of them, test them out and see if they sell. You would be surprised at how many profitable services you could offer, if you only looked around to see which ones worked best for you in your area.”

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