Magazine Lawn Care Business Ad Review

Matt recently posted a lawn care business ad he placed in a local magazine in our Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum for review.

Here is what Chestin from Lawn Care Marketing Magic had to say,

“While I know it’s what everyone would expect to see in a magazine, that in itself is part of the problem. Most of today’s marketing is ineffective. I’m working on some information that will explain what I mean in greater detail, but in the meantime, here are the critical elements that should be included in EVERY piece of marketing you send out:”

Lawn Care Ad Review

  1. A benefit laden, attention grabbing headline

    You have less than 2 seconds to grab your prospects attention and unfortunately, your company name isn’t enough. It’s got to be something that promised some type of benefit or a solution to a problem they’re having.

  2. Talk benefits, benefits, benefits

    Simply listing the services you offer doesn’t really tell them how they’ll benefit by hiring you. You’ve got to paint a picture for them and help them visualize how their life will be easier because of your service.

  3. Present some kind of valuable offer

    People are natural procrastinators and unless you give them a reason to act, they won’t. Yes, the ‘Free Estimates’ is an offer but everyone expects that these days so there’s really nothing that makes people stop and think, “DANG, I’ve got to have that!”

    Present them with an offer that will get them up off of the couch RIGHT NOW.

  4. Create urgency that motivates them to action

    Again, people are procrastinators and unless you give them a reason to respond right now, they won’t. Doing things like limiting the number of packages available or attaching a deadline to an offer are good ways to create some urgency.

  5. Use 3rd party proof

    You did a GREAT JOB with this one by including the ‘Before & After’ photos. Testimonials are another great way to use 3rd party proof in your marketing.

  6. Present some kind of risk reversal

    People nowadays are skeptical and afraid of being taken for a ride so by including some type of risk reversal you make it easier for them to respond. Saying things like ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ or throwing in bonuses or premiums help your prospects feel safe when buying from you.

  7. Include a powerful call to action

    Unfortunately, you can’t assume people know what they need to do, you’ve got to tell them in very specific terms. ‘Pick up the phone and call us today’ or ‘Log onto our website at…’ are good examples.

Now consider these great insights the next time you are putting together an ad to promote your lawn care business.

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