Losing passion in the lawn care business.

Every entrepreneur is different. Each person has a different personality, skill set, and temperament. Some are happy go lucky people and have no problem dealing with business slow downs or down time. Others find themselves overwhelmed at times and get into a depressive funk. What should you do though if you find that you are losing your drive and passion for your business? That is what one business owner brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and was happy to see he wasn’t the only one dealing with such issues.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I opened my business 3 years ago in the middle of the season. I have since grown quite a bit but it seems like this year has been pretty bad. Especially now at the end of the end of the season. Even my first year in business, I wasn’t this slow at the end of the year. I do wonder if anyone else been slower than usual? I just found and joined the Gopher Forum a week ago or so and I wish I had found it years ago when I started my business. I have done everything on my own and built what I have now from the ground up. I believe I have turned it into a very successful company and I am continuing to grow as much as I can.

I find though that I question myself and if this is going to continue to work when things get slow. Maybe I am just losing my drive to push further and pour more time and energy into this.”

A second lawn care business owner said “the problem I figure, is that we all tend to lose our passion or interest midway through the season. If we could all somehow take a week off to refresh and prioritize, I’m sure we’d be more eager to spend more time advertising and actually getting more work.

Personally, this year, I was nothing but tired. It’s always my mission to get the day done and over with. Taking on new work, at this point of the year, feels like I am cleaning up one mess right after another.

I have found that a break is the best thing to do when you get like this. During the winter when I finally have some down time, I find I only think about lawn maintenance and how I can improve, and I get excited. When springtime does eventually come, my excitement begins to fade and everything becomes routine. I then get to the point of just trying to get everything done so I can finally relax again.

Personally I have a hard enough time battling this on my own, which may be depression. If I have staff around me that is negative, it makes things a lot worse. So if the people I hire start to become negative or drain me / bring me down, I get rid of them. Their negativity and laziness will rub off on me and I find that I get into this zone of adjusting my pace to fit their needs.

I need to catch myself when I am getting down and losing my passion before it gets the best of me. I then have to make a course correction and point myself back into a positive direction again.

It is a very difficult thing to run your own business and be your own boss. There really is no one there to force you to get up in the morning. To force you to get to work. To make money. You need to remember this is all friction that will grind you away to nothing if you let it. The trick is realizing it is constantly going on and accepting that you need to forge ahead.

Take breaks, take time off, take vacations. Get your head right when you feel off and get back to moving forwards again.”

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