Looking unsafe can get your lawn care company fired.

You may not think at first glance a lawn care customer pays much attention to the safety precautions you either take or ignore when working on their property, but they do. People keep track of when you take trimmer guards off or mower guards. They know what can happen when these devices are taken off too. You can get hurt, you can hurt somebody or you can damage property. Nothing drives a customer more crazy than to have a window broken on their house or see that their new car was damaged all because you took off a safety guard.

Mower safety

Mower safety

They also know that if you get hurt on their property, even because of something you did to disengage a safety device, in the end you can sue them and their home owner’s insurance policy.

I bet many lawn care business owners don’t consider this can play a factor in whether they will be rehired or not in the next season. No home owner wants a contractor hurt on their property. Those who show safety comes first on the job site are the ones that project professionalism. Those who don’t look like amateurs and no one wants to hire an amateur.

Take a moment and ask yourself a few questions. Are you wearing a uniform or just jeans and any old t-shirt? Do you wear ear protection and eye protection? Do you wear boots or sneakers? Does your equipment have all the safety features still attached?

There is a reason why a police officer wears a uniform. It’s so he stands out from everyone else and you immediately recognize he is a professional. When you look professional, you will stand out too. You improve your chances of being hired and you can potentially command a premium for your services.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum added a personal experience he had that allowed him to pick up a new lawn care account for the next year. He wrote “I see ZTR mowers on sites all the time and they are flying around. However clients actually do not care for this even if it’s not their property. This is actual feedback I’ve had from talking to customers and I have to agree. Mowing fast has the potential to cause more problems. It’s better to mow at a moderate speed and do a good job.

I picked up another mowing contract yesterday even though mowing season is finished. Why? Well the previous lawn care company that was doing this ladies property didn’t wear safety gear and she said they had removed the guards from the trimmer. She was upset by this and didn’t want them hurt on her property.”

Another lawn care business owner shared “I couldn’t agree more with your experience of showing concern about mower speed, safety, and attention to detail. It just looks so much better.  My mower carries a pair of fire extinguishers on the roll over bar. It’s an attention getter as some have noticed. Along with eye & ear protection the most important item of equipment to me are the dust masks I wear, when ever temperatures allow, while mowing and shredding as chemical applications could be hot for days.

I had a dear friend who was a weed chemical applicator in the yard and property biz for many years. He died several years back from a cancerous tumor he felt was from his occupation.
Attention to details along with wanting to be the best has helped me stay booked all summer.”

Lawn care businesses are always looking for a way to stand out from the pack and here are a bunch of great ways to do it. Look professional, act professional and reap the rewards of running a top notch lawn care business.

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