Lawn stopped growing cause of heat. Now what?

Temperatures will change throughout the year. Sometimes you will get a lot of rain and sometimes you will have drought conditions. If there is one thing you can guarantee, the weather will not always be consistent. You can’t change the weather but you can be creative in the services you offer. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Form, you need to be adaptable and offer services you can sell throughout the year.

One lawn care business owner wrote ” am a new to the lawn care industry and I have a major issue at hand. I am a small company that just offers a select few services. The weather here is very dry and hot right now. Nobody’s grass is growing. What can I offer to my potential customers to keep the wheels spinning?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “Irrigation. You can rent out portable irrigation systems in the form of a hose, lawn sprinkler, and a water timer. This will keep the costs low for the customer if they don’t have the money to install an irrigation system. All the while it will keep the grass growing.

What about offering pressure washing? Maybe some type of clean ups, debris etc. Gutter cleaning is something you could do also. It sucks if there is no grass to mow. Luckily where I’m at we have had our fair share of rain this season so the grass is still growing. Try to hang in the best you can. Do you do any garden or raised bed installs??”

A third added “when it gets hot in my area and the grass growth slows, I focus on mulching, shrub trimming, bed edging, gutter cleaning, power washing, window washing, dog waste removal, pool cleaning.

There obviously are many more services you can offer but it would depend on the level of experience you have and you really should offer services that could be associated with landscaping because you don’t want to come off as a jack of all trades.

I’d suggest you stick to services you feel confident that you can do a professional job with because a customer’s home is the last place you want to be your training school.

I know we all need money but you can not take the chance of producing poor quality work and have it bite you in butt later.”

A fourth shared “law care can be a good business to work in. I started my landscaping business last year, while building it, I have taken a part time job to supplement my income. You may want to consider this while starting out. This year has seen dramatic growth, but I kept the part time job as a security blanket, especially when it turns cold. Just something to consider.”

One last business owner said “when the mowing comes to a halt to to extreme weather conditions. It’s time to send out a letter thanking your mowing customers for all the work they have given you and to ask if there is anything else you can do for them.

At times when things are slow I will take my truck and do junk removal. Or, organize garages. Doing organizing is really popular. It’s out of the sun and let’s you be creative too.”

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