Lawn care, snow plowing and leaf cleanup flyer discussion.

Are you stuck trying to come up with some designs for your snow removal, leaf cleanup, or lawn care flyers? Here are some of the designs a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum uses to promote his lawn care business. He has a couple of interesting ways to utilize them in his lawn care marketing plan. Check out his methods and see if they could help improve your marketing responses.

He wrote “here are some of the lawn care flyer and door hangers I have designed and use. My full size flyer I used last year with the exception of my picture. I later added my picture so the neighbors who have seen me around can match my face to what I do. Now when I am out, I will have neighbors come up to me and say ‘hey I’ve saw you riding your bike with your daughter the other day or you work on so and so’s lawn and it looks great.’ My door hangers need work but I was limited on time. I used a word process0r to make them. It is very easy to do. I have a separate flyer for leaf cleanups, lawn care, and snow removal.

In the winter time I listen for weather updates and when I hear they are calling for 3-6 inches tonight or additional 8 plus inches over the weekend, I print them out and put them in doors around the neighborhood. So in addition to my current lawn clients I always try to see if I can get more clients for different services like snow removal depending on the season. I usually try to pass out about 20-30 at a time. I don’t like to overdo myself especially for snow removal because manually it’s labor intensive.

I have found that I get most of the calls for snow removal from elderly people and single women who have younger children who aren’t old enough to be doing shoveling for their parents. Most women around here won’t shovel snow at all.

I am always trying to promote my services. I was local big box store last night picking up more bags of salt to prepare for winter when I ran into a woman who was also picking up salt. I struck up some small talk with her and it turns out, she lives on my same street down the road a bit. So I gave her my flyer I rode by her home on my way home. I did an estimate for snow removal and for lawn care in the spring.

Anyway. She calls me last night and signs up for snow removal. She also told me I would be needed for lawn care in the spring-summer-fall time. Since I told her a basic bio of my background and why I got into landscaping, she told me she thinks I need the money more than the guy who usually does her yard and our rates are the same. So she is giving me a chance. I am happy. Plus she told me her neighbors are mostly elderly and could use me as well.

While I am out around town I have found that it is helpful to keep snow removal, leaf clean up and lawn care flyers in the glove box to hand out as needed. To keep track of how successful my marketing is I made a spread sheet of every single address I drop a flyer off at when I see a need for my services. With the past 20 flyers I handed out per demand, I got 15 calls and 10 new customers signed on. So it pays to keep marketing material in your truck that promotes various services!”

Lawn care flyer.

Lawn care flyer.

Lawn care fall marketing flyer.

Snow removal flyer.

Snow removal flyer.

Lawn care door hanger.

Lawn care door hanger.

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