Lawn care sales techniques to help you sell more.

Your initial call to a customer’s home may appear at first to be for one specific service. In fact, there are times where the customer may only want a one time service. However, as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, your initial call to a new customer’s house is a great way to present your sales pitch and expand on the list of services the customer initially called for.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I got a call yesterday and the called said she wanted her lawn cut for her birthday day party this weekend. She said it’s a very small long and used to take her only 10 minutes to cut, however it’s 30 minutes from my house so I am going to have to bill her for at least 1.5 hours. I explained to her that my fee would be high because her property is outside my service area and would involve a longer drive than I normally make. Afterwards she said all she could afford was $20. I thought on it and figured what the hell ‘Happy Bday.’ Why turn down work. Then I thought maybe that would be good for promotion, $20 mowings for the month of your birthday. Does that sound like it could bring in some business or am I cutting my own throat?

I’m not trying to undercut everyone else or anything like that, I just figured it would be a great way to draw attention to myself and get my name out there more. I am now realizing since hiring my first employee, it’s a whole different ball game. It’s not just me looking for work now but with an employee that is counting on me to keep him working, I have to be creative to make it happen. I am thinking this would be a great way to gain new mowing clients.

I could do a good job on new customer’s lawn, give them a flier with their invoice explaining what the prices are if they wish to continue the service after their birthday month and hope some of them call me back.”

A second lawn care business owner said “you have a great idea with your cutting special, but don’t just hope they call you back. Show up at their doorstep with full intention of winning them over as a full time customer. Have an agreement letter ready for them to sign, agreeing to let you cut their grass for the next 12 months. If they decline, have a 2nd option for them.

Their leaves will need raking. Driveway will need edging, gutters need cleaning, etc. Seriously, think about it, you’re spending 90 MINUTES WITH AN EMPLOYEE with the intention of only making $20? Instead you should have it in your mind that you are going to make $100 on this job. You may still only come away with $20 but at least TRY right there, on the spot, to get them to sign up for an annual contract and upsell them on additional services. Don’t just hope you’ll eventually get a new customer out of it, make it happen.

If you go in with a winning attitude you will win more jobs. Sure you will have obstacles from time to time. But as your ability to read a customer’s buying signals improves so will your confidence and attitude that this job is yours will show. When a clients sees that, you will get more jobs because of it.

When I am selling to a new customer, I tell the clients, look, there is a host of things that you probably would like done to improve your property and yes we can do it all however we encourage customers to take it a step at a time. So what we do is make a list of things they want done on their property and price each item. We then order this list based on importance. I tell the customer, you are free to jump around the list as you wish, you decide what you would like done and when, but by putting together and ordered list, we can do things in stages and in an orderly fashion.

For me, this sales technique works every time. It’s like they finally get a chance to have their wish list come true instead of it just being a list of things they would like to get done some time way off in the distant future.”

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