Lawn care postcards and why they are a good form of marketing.

Which lawn care marketing method would you feel generates more callers, business cards or postcards? After reading this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you may be surprised to find that postcards tend to win out. But these are not just any general postcard designs. No no. These successful companies are getting up to a dozen different postcards made that promote many different services. Let’s look a little into how they are finding such success.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I feel it is very important at times to target the individual services you provide. Postcards, such as these, can be used to target any properties you come across along your current route. Lawn Edging PostcardThe more services you offer the more postcards you should have to promote those different services. I can’t tell you how many times I would drive by a house and think, I wish I had a card for this or that to leave them. Leaving a business card is ok, but post cards are much better.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I have found people do not lose postcards like they do business cards. This past fall, I handed out postcards for leaf cleanups and did well with them. This year, my focus is more on landscaping and tree work. I hand out postcards for them too. With all the calls I have gotten, I am not even sure I can get finished what I have on the books for this year now.

In any event, postcards that are designed to promote a specific service, given out as you are driving by a site that needs a service, has been one of my biggest job generators.

Leaf Cleanup Postcard

Leaf Cleanup Postcard

What put’s a smile on my face is many people put these postcards on their fridge or note board to save. I lose other companies business cards and sometimes it bugs me as I need something but I can’t remember their name. A postcard is easy to find and they are cheap to have printed. Most important to me is they really work well.

Ultimately, I think it’s like any service industry, everybody has business cards. They are small, they mixed in with the pile etc. Postcards are so much larger, easier to read and can contain more information. Mine all have pictures of the service in question and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they are cheap to have printed and do they stand out.

Mulch installs postcard

Mulch installs postcard

When it comes to marketing, I want to do what everybody else is not or very few are. In business we need an edge. Specifically tailored marketing is the one we utilize. We buy the best equipment there is and it all is kept in new condition. Our trailers all have mag wheels. Why? All this grabs attention. Many lawn care business owners might not think this is so important but I know better. Based on how new business is constantly pouring in and the comments are constant not only from prospects and clients, we even get them from other landscaping companies.

You can go spend $14,000 on a basic model compact utility tractor. Then you show up with a trailer that looks like it came from the junk yard and what is that client going to think? If you keep your gear cleaned up, touch it up with paint when needed, it makes a very big difference.

I started this kind of service specific marketing at the beginning of last year with only one service. When the feedback came, it was like nothing I have ever seen this before and I knew very quickly I was onto something. It has been an unquestionable hit and really grew our company quickly.”

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