Lawn care packages help you sell more.

We all like to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to lawn care marketing. By reading such stories on the topic, we hope to cut out those marketing ideas that are ineffective. What amazes me about all the stories we see on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, it’s amazing how one theme seems to ring true time and time again. Let’s take a look at some marketing ideas a lawn care business owner shared with us.

He wrote “As far as what has worked or hasn’t in gaining new lawn care customers:

1. Leaving flyers on cars at Home Depot - hasn’t worked.
2. Leaving flyers at business’s on Sunday, when they are closed - no.
3. Direct contact with business’s when they are open - not so much.
4. Newspaper ads in the local paper alongside the other bazillion lawncare companys out there doing the same thing - nope ( and I’m $40.00 poorer ).
5. E-mailing local Real Estate Agents with my company info - a waste of time.
6. Providing excellent service and going the extra mile for existing customers and getting referrals from them - JACKPOT !
( it’s a slow process, but it’s effective )”

Isn’t it interesting how the part about providing excellent service seems to be the key issue. Notice he points out that it is a slow process. I think this is why other lawn care business owners tend to look for quick fixes. The answer to a healthy business seems to be found in slow steady growth instead of quick jolt growth.

I then asked him, what kinds of services he offers in the slow months to keep revenue coming in.

“As far as winter services go….
I try to sell whatever I can and charge an hourly fee.

  • cleaning gutters
  • irrigation system maintenance and alterations
  • repair gates and fences
  • clean-up services to our “Basic” service customers
  • Fall fertilizer apps.
  • Mulch installation and misc. services to our Snowbirds
  • Pressure-washing the summer mold from walkways and driveways
  • Fall tree trimming ( Crepe Myrtles mostly)
  • Sod installation in bare spots and damaged areas
  • We even helped an elderly couple on our route move furniture the other day.

Right now we are running a 2 man crew, sometimes 3. Very rarely are we in and out of a property in less than 45 minutes to an hour. Most of our customers are “Standard” service customers, meaning - they get the full treatment every week which includes: mow,edge,blow,trim,prune,weed removal and whatever ‘other’ tasks they have on their list, which we charge additional by the hour for.

Our “Standard Service” minimum is $125.00 monthly Residential
Our “Basic Service” minimum is $80.00 monthly Residential
We try to tailor a plan around the individual customer wants and needs.”

That is very interesting. How should a lawn care business owner come up with their own packages and how do you feel having these packages helps you sell your service?

“As far as creating lawn care service packages, I consider it just good salesmanship. I learned along time ago while selling retail products, if you can provide a potential customer with well defined choices that will satisfy his needs, then the only thing left needed to close the sale is for him to decide which of your products he will purchase, not if he will purchase your products.
Does that make sense?

The catch is, you have to be able to listen closely to what a potential customer is saying and genuinely try to help him solve his problem. I think that’s where product knowledge and experience in whatever business endeavor you are involved in is so important.

As an example:

Your potential customer shows you where areas of his yard are yellow and dying. If you misidentify the problem and tell him to *up* the watering time on his irrigation when its really a bug or disease problem, then you haven’t done him any service at all, and in a few weeks when the problem persists, you will have to explain why your solution didn’t work. Then you will have to suggest some other remedy (that may not work). Your credibility as a lawn care professional will suffer and you may potentially lose him as a customer. Or, you won’t be considered to perform any tasks beyond just mowin’ the grass.

I personally don’t want to be known only as ‘that guy that only mows grass.’ Expand your knowledge and horizons. As you do, you will be able to sell more.”

Lawn care packages help you sell more - GopherHaul 55 Lawn Care Customer Podcast

Lawn care packages help you sell more - GopherHaul 55 Lawn Care Customer Show

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