Lawn care marketing incentives and partnerships.

I have learned in my years of running the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that anything is possible. If you can think it, you can make it happen. I try and never shoot down an idea because each time I read something that comes across to me as not possible, I am blown away that someone makes it happen. Let me jump into this a little more to explain.

A member first started a discussion by writing “I am wondering if anyone has tried contacting lawn care outdoor power equipment manufacturers to sponsor ad space on your marketing materials? I know in other industries they give all kinds of things away. I am going to try all avenues. I was researching the forum more but it seems I am the first to try this and that might mean there is no current competition doing this.

I am hoping that the manufacturers are making millions and millions and would love to spend some of it in advertising at this level. From the few business ventures I have owned and sold in the past, the best thing I have learned to do is is to generate extra cash flow wherever possible. Selling advertising only make good business sense. In the past, I got a local spa and billiards place that also sold high end furniture to help with my advertising costs. These store alone paid for the door hangers, gas, and the pay to distribute my door hangers in high end neighborhoods.”

Another member suggested “While you are considering large outdoor equipment manufacturers, don’t neglect working with your local suppliers and dealers too.

On your flyer for the upcoming over seeding season, you could mention that you only use premium seed from “Smith’s Nursery”. In exchange for the ad space Smith’s will likely give you a discount as well as place your business cards on their counter for all their customers to see.

Contact your local nurseries soon and strike some deals for fall planting time.”

I am thinking it might be easier to work with local businesses like garden centers that are trying to move product to your customer base. That’s a really good idea! I like it a lot! Also maybe if you work out some deal with your local green house, you can promote some of their products and then maybe they can turn you business when a customer comes in and need installation help.

Before you get your marketing printed up. Think who else would like to reach this same grouping of customers. Would a garden center? A billiards store? A local spa? It might sound crazy at first, but as we have seen, you gotta open your mind first to being creative. Put together a plan and then go out and sell it! How nice would it be to have all your marketing paid for this year? Others have done it and you can too!

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