Lawn care marketing at your local coffee house?

Every lawn care business owner is constantly trying to gain new customers. From a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we have found yet even more interesting and unique ways to help you reach out to new potential lawn care customers. Can you believe, some successful marketing methods even include a coffee shop? Read on and be amazed at how this business owner grew.

One lawn care business owner started off by saying “I am hoping to go full time this spring. I currently have 7 lawn care customers since last summer. I feel I need to acquire about 45-50 more to quit my job and do this full time. I am getting 5,000 door hangers made up. If I get the 1% average response rate, I should get there. My question is when I should get them out there.”

A second lawn care business owner said “do you recall in the past if you received lawn care flyers at your home from competitors? If so, try to beat them by a week. Although I do not use flyer’s or door hangers, my lawn care  marketing is on going and in full force right after the March school break. My thoughts are based on client feedback I have gotten. They do not think of lawn care until the snow is gone so you don’t want them to forget your company name.

Also did you perhaps ask your current clients if they could recommend anyone? You already have the relationship with them, even if you received three or four referrals you could gain a lot. Then if those referrals translate into sales, offer those new clients a free mow for a positive referral or something like that and just keep tapping their network.

I personally found the best way to grow is by harnessing your current clients, with referrals. Also, if you can find a common service to offer that would eliminate some, most or all of your competition, it’s raises the bar in that you can advertise the service and since the new prospect would only have to deal with one company, you will more than likely get the job.

Just for an example, let’s say 5 or your 7 clients would like to have their storage shed pressure washed or their garbage cans, Bio Bins etc. It may very well be when you are marketing and you say we can also mow your lawn, fertilize, pressure wash xxxxx, you can pick up a lot more work. The key to it is to offer something that sets you apart from the crowd.

I own a mid sized lawn care company, yet some clients tell me they hired us because they see our landscape equipment everywhere. Now that isn’t really true as I only have three trucks, but what they see is more of an illusion. Since we concentrate our services in one area of the city, it makes us look larger and has really paid off.

I have another area I want to grow into this summer and have already started to use the same tactics there as well with positive results. What the potential customers may see first is my lawn care employees going for lunch at a common restaurant. Then they will see us making multiple trips to get all the gear to a job site we need etc. After a while, they see our trucks and trailers all over and feel easier with calling us for their lawn care or landscape needs.

I have found getting a coffee first thing in the morning is a very very big deal where I live. At first we were having our daily meetings at my property. Then once in a while I would switch it up to a local coffee shops and I would begin to hear more rumblings from new customers that they saw my staff everywhere. So then we started having coffee at a very high traffic drive through, and I think this is where a lot of people see us now.

It is amazing how people will come over and talk to us on a regular basis and yes we have picked up quite a few jobs this way. Even while sitting in the coffee shop, I guess when you see three trucks and up to 16 employees in uniform, people get the idea you are huge.

Some of the crews brown bag their lunch, especially when they are performing excavation and wood cutting. However, the mowing, pressure washing and fertilizer spraying crews tend to hit the Subway Shops. We should be networking every chance we get if we can handle additional work.

I pay for the first round of coffee. Some of the guys will grab one for the road, some have breakfast, actually most of them do. I eat at home before they are even up. Anyhow it keeps the employees tight and helps get us more jobs. Sometimes they will switch jobs for the day, one might not want to mow but want to work on a chipping crew, I personally don’t care as long as the job gets done and you are fully trained.

Even if you are a one or two man crew, try this out. Keep a smile on your face, stay friendly and approachable and I bet you will see and increase in sales because of it.”

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