Lawn care marketing at the local barber shop.

There are great opportunities all around you to market your lawn care business. To be specific, have you ever thought about marketing your business where you get your hair cut? This is something one lawn care business thought of while he sat back in his local barber chair and struck up a conversation with the barber about his latest happenings. He shared with us his story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about how all this came about and I think it may help you to reach out to new lawn care customers as well.

He wrote “I had to go for a hair cut today and have been going to the same barber for at least 12 years, although less frequent lately because I have been so busy. When I got there, I thought to myself, this really would be a great place to network and promote my lawn care business. I found it funny, as I was sitting there waiting for my turn and thinking about networking, to look up and see a sign hung on the wall which read ‘If you really want to know what’s going on with the economy, ask your barber’ so I did and man we all got an ear full…lol

When a spot opened up for me, I sat back into the barber chair and the barber asked, where have ya been lately??? I replied to him ‘well searching.’ He said ’searching for what?’ That’s when I thought, perfect, here is my day in the hot seat, ‘ Searching for additional services that my yard care and excavation company could offer that people might need.’ Now as I said this, I noticed there were about 8 guys waiting and all of them the target age group I am looking for.

It turns out I offer all the services that the room came up with to help me, so one old guy says ‘well, how come you don’t have cards here???’ Excellent idea I thought. So I asked the barber why he doesn’t have a rack or display of local business cards? He said well if you bring one in you are free to place it on my counter with your business cards. Great I thought, free advertising!

So I went online and bought a small business card display rack for the barber shop and will drop it off as soon as I get it delivered. These racks are the kind you would see in restaurant entrance ways and, shopping Centers etc. Heck, the barber shop could even potentially charge others to display their cards on there along with mine.

The barber’s average customer is between the ages of 55 to 65, and he is located in an area that would be considered older, middle to upper middle class income which is my target market. The area is located in a section that is very easy to get to and has lots of parking.

I will be doing this as a test but I am getting good vibes from it already. It may be nothing or it might kick my lawn care business up a notch. If it works, I will do this at a few more barber shops in the area.

You should consider doing this in your area too. Why not! It’s cheap, easy, unique and has the potential to hit your target market!”

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