Lawn care marketing and making money.

What marketing methods work best? Figuring this out can take a lot of time and energy. A short cut to finding success quicker than spending a lot of time experimenting is to read what works for others and then implement those suggestions. Here we have a great collection of methods, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, that when implemented together can take your company to the next level.

One lawn care business owner wrote “we all want to make a living and make a profit. I tend to do things that are out of the ordinary. Yes I let certain clients operate machinery, I give kids rides and a JD shirt/hat etc. I understand this is a grave concern to some, at the same time I grew up on anything from a mower to a bulldozer and perhaps I take that for granted.

The key to making money is finding what the client needs. I dropped most of my lawn mowing a couple of months ago because it no longer fit on the margin side of the business.

The majority of entrepreneurs want to know what it takes to make money. Marketing is critical and you have a host of ways to do it. Door hangers may work for some, for me post cards designed for specific services used to hand out as I drive by a property that needs that service, works better. The best marketing is your social network. People you know. If you do a really good job for them, they will want to see you succeed.

I have been blessed to have almost 30 years of managing, marketing, and  financing under my belt. Sure I run my lawn care business to make a profit and keep me busy, but at this point in my life, I don’t do it for the money. I have a lot of fun with it.

One element to my success has been to keep my equipment and presentation looking great. If you want to service the upper echelon of earners out there you need to go beyond just this. You need to spend a few dollars and fix the rust or scratch marks on your trailers or trucks. Trust me as my network is the middle to upper end, they do care what is parked out front.

Spend a few bucks on your image, you can have thirty grand in machinery that is state of the art, but show up in a trailer that looks like it came from a junk yard and you will never hit the clients you want.

How can those business owners who do not have the connections, get a start? Fall is here so maybe just go to a home in the upper middle class or high class areas and say ‘look, my name is ……, we are a company very interested in working in your area and would really appreciate business from homeowners like yourself. May I offer a free leaf clean up? If you like our work we would appreciate any referrals or perhaps you might know someone that could use our services as well?’

Tough to do? YES, but this is a way to get into this group. A free service here or there to get into a new upper class neighborhood would solve so many problems for so many entrepreneurs trying to increase their profits. Think about it.

I ran an excavator all day yesterday for a very wealthy couple who because of our work, increased the project by quite a few thousand. I was thinking there has to be an easy way for others to tap into this group because they pay well and very often the cost to do something is of little concern. They want to keep up with the neighbors and want something that they think no one else has. It’s all ego. The main thing though is they pay on time. I have no receivables and never have.

Yard signs are excellent to use. Lettered trucks and trailers are critical. Uniforms send a message that you are professional. Leave business cards for the client to give to friends, just try a few and see what happens. This will help you tap into their network.

All of this costs money so it is not going to be easy to do for many. I can tell you when we pull up to a job, everything looks and is professional and top of the line. The customer’s initial reaction is they think we must be good if we can afford all that gear. Trust me I hear this feedback on a regular basis.

If you pull up with a so so truck and a rusted trailer and banged up gear, it will be the last job you do in that area. Rich people do care about these points. Try these different tips and see if they help you reach out to a better class of customers.”

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