Lawn care marketing allows you to replace bad customers.

One of the many benefits of always doing some sort of lawn care marketing is you gain new customers. Now that is a good thing, but there is an even better benefit than that. You can get to the point where you don’t have to take every customer that calls. Instead you can be picky and find the ones that work best for you. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, having the power to choose who you service can make all the difference in world.

One business owner wrote “the best part of improving your lawn care marketing is gaining new customers. The best part about gaining new and better lawn care customers is having the ability to drop the crappy ones! When you have enough decent customers, your attitude changes and you stop taking crap from the cheap and naggy ones.

I don’t like having lawn care customers who are late payers, walk up to me with their noses up in the air, thinking I’m the lowly lawn boy and my existence is to just be their servant. Where they expect me to perform any additional service they can think of, at no additional charge. Where they take advantage of me being kind and feel they can get away with anything because I desperately need them to keep my business alive.

Take for instance today. It was only after I mowed a large lawn, that the customer decided to come out and say, I would like you to cut it shorter. I don’t like my lawn at this height.’ Up to this point, I might have just sucked it up and did exactly what they wanted. But something was different.

This isn’t my first year running the business anymore. I am not as desperate for lawn care customers as I was last year. I have more confidence from getting better at the services I sell and selling them better. I was way too kind last year and put up with too much baloney. So this year is different.

With all that flashing through my mind , my response to him was ‘I’m done with your property for the day and I’m not interested in staying any longer and destroying your lawn by cutting it shorter, it would make it look horrible. Goodbye!’

I’m really losing my patients when dealing with my low paying clients who just seem to always have a reason to nag. I am starting to see the light and feel I would be better off dropping all of my crappy clients this year. They are going to be replaced with better clients, who have nicer properties, and pay on time. I have done a lot more experimenting with my lawn care marketing over the past year and I am attracting more customers now. The end is near for my crappy customers.

Early on, I felt the pros to servicing them was: money, minor profit, easy to get when you are getting started. They were basically the customers no one else wanted.

Now I see the cons to servicing them are: Constant nagging, constant flow of stupid requests for the same $, and still the minor profit.

Cheap customers seem to bother me the most. I suppose they do not have a lot of money and try to make EVERY dollar count. They try to get as many free services as they can. And my tolerance level for them has dropped.

I don’t seem to care for their requests. What they pay me isn’t worth a discussion about altering my mowing schedule to fit their liking, or doing the odd task every time I’m there to just maintain their lawn (moving furniture, junk, toys) it’s just not worth it.

I hate seeing them and hate listening to their crap. ‘Can you weed in the garden? There are a few weeds sticking out and it looks horrible.’ If you didn’t hire and pay me for garden maintenance, go screw yourself and your request. I’m here for what you paid for.

Sure you can do the odd task for a sweet old lady every now and then, or someone who is generally kind to you, but for someone to nag constantly about services they want but don’t pay for, avoid payment deadlines, and then make requests? FORGET IT!!!! Not gonna happen anymore.

This year, my new policy is for every bad customer, they can expect to receive their money back for the work I did not complete and a wave goodbye. I am now seeing that there are tons of decent, well paying clients out there, so there is no need to even BOTHER with the crappy ones anymore.

And for any lawn care business owner who can’t come up with a reason why they should always be experimenting with their lawn care marketing, this is the main reason why. Get better customer and enjoy your business more. You started this business to enjoy your life more, so get busy doing it!”

A second lawn care business owner agreed and shared “I agree. From my experiences, the simplest way to deal with problem customers is to up the price. If they keep paying then it will make it worth the trouble. If they won’t pay the higher price, part ways with no hard feeling.

Two major factors in lawn care that make you lose money is spending too much time serving low paying complaining customers and having accounts that are spread too far out of the area you normally work in.

So continue with your lawn care marketing. Attract better customers and fire the bad ones. Replace those bad paying mowing accounts with ones that will help you grow in the long run.”

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