Lawn care markerting idea with a restaurant.

There are many opportunities out there to work with another local business to pool your resources together and get your marketing messages out. Some may work great while others may fall flat. The first thing you need to ask yourself when creating a marketing idea, is if that idea will be connecting with your potential customer base. If it will, it may be worth a shot. If not, then don’t proceed any further with it until you reconfigure it. Here is one interesting example of a co-marketing idea with a local restaurant.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum wrote “I recently came into contact with the marketing director of a local outfit that owns several restaurants in my area. One of which sells bratwurst that are 100% made locally and only from 100% local products.

As a part of his marketing director duties he sets up a stand in a populated area and gives away free food. He makes and hands out short sub sandwiches. In case you are wondering how he pays for it, here is what he told me.

He hands out coupons for local advertisers. From my understanding he hands out a hand full of coupons with each sub. He said on average he charges between $200-$300 for a years worth of coupons he will hand out. He also told me I could join him if I wanted sometime to meet and greet people as we handed out the sandwiches.

Since he asked me if I would be interested I thought about it for a while but came up with the following. My problems with this method for lawn care advertisement are this:

1. These subs are handed out in the downtown area. This area is where you have: a) lots of unemployed walking around throughout the day, b) a lot of students, c) a lot of people who are renting.

2. As for me, I live about 15-20 miles from the area where they normally hand out the sandwiches and coupons. Thus I suspect that many of the customers he would reach, live a considerable distance from me. If I were living closer I would jump all over this opportunity.”

Anytime you get a chance to meet the members of the local community, that is great! If you could do this more local to your home base, it might be well worth your time. Nothing attracts people like free food. This is also something you could consider doing at a local fair or parade.

If you think of things your local community does throughout the year and get creative, you can find ways to be meeting people all year long. For instance, 4th of July, does your town have a firework display? Could you get a cart pulled by one of your mowers or tractors and hand out some free water along with a business card? What about some of those glowing necklaces that kids love?

Could you get a truckload of pumpkins and arrange to give them out to the kids at a local school during Halloween? Maybe they could even paint them?

Be creative, keep thinking and soon everyone in town will know about you and your value in town will increase. All of this activity will fill up your lawn care schedule.

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